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Monday, October 10, 2011

It’s Not My Quilt…



It’s not MY quilt, but I sure would love to keep it!  These 20 hand-embroidered blocks belong to a customer.  My task was to turn them into a completed quilt.  


I have always heard that the back side of the embroidery should look as good as the front… these do!  So much so, that I turned one of the blocks wrong-side up, but thankfully discovered it as I was stitching the rows together.  They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! 


I wanted them to have an old-fashioned look, so I went for 30s reproduction fabrics.  If you are a quilter, you will understand my dilemma…  it was impossible to find a sold fabric (or ANY type of small print) to match the background color of the outer border. 


The background was a very pinkish-lavender.  All fabrics I could find (shopping 5 different locations in the “Big City”) were either too dark purple or a very light lavender. 


I finally ordered something off the net listed as “Aunt Grace 30s Lavender, but it still did not match the background as well as I would have liked.  It looks fine, but it just did not match the picture in my head of what the sashing fabric should look like.  That “picture in my head” often causes MORE trouble when trying to find the right fabric!


All that is left to do is to hand-stitch the binding down, and that will be finished this week.  I’ll have just a few days to enjoy being in the presence of this lovely quilt, and then will pass it back to the owner.  I have really enjoyed working on this one, other than the fabric challenge.


Have a wonderfully blessed week!  I’ll see you on the blog next week with an update on a wonderful garage sale find.  What can you buy with $20?  You will be very surprised!


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Meet the Knitwits

No, they are not crazy, they are a group of knitters who meet at the local library once a month to discuss the book we all read.  Of course, we KNIT while we discuss.  So maybe we ARE crazy… about knitting and reading!


Tonight was my first time to meet with them.  This is going to be WAAAAYYYYY fun!  We discussed the John Grisham book, The Confession.  I highly recommend it.  This was my first Grisham book (I usually go for light, easy reads) and I could not put it down.  I passed it on to DH, and he really enjoyed it, too.  (I also highly recommend, The Help.  Great book!)

I worked on trying to finish Mom’s pair of socks.  They are her birthday present.  I let her pick out the yarn, Felici, from KnitPicks.  I love these stripes!103_0273

So, I just thought I would post and let you know that I am still alive and doing well, but up to my eyeballs in quilts right now.  It seems I deliver 1 and pick up 3 or 4 more.  That is a good thing… I prayed for more business and the Lord is providing!

I’m also working hard because SOMEONE has a birthday soon, and SOMEONE wants to go back to south Louisiana to fish in the marshes again.  That means I really need to get some of these quilts out the door before I can go.  SIGH… I guess I will have to humor him since it is his birthday… Oh the sacrifices I make for him to be entertained.  Perhaps I’ll catch the biggest fish… AGAIN!!

Work hard, play hard.  Such is our life!

Be blessed in all you do today!


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