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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fair Warning!


Quilting can be very HUMBLING!  Regardless of your “professional” quilter status, regardless of how many awards you have won at large quilt shows, regardless of having had one of your quilts printed in a nationally distributed calendar, this week I discovered you can STILL do something really STUPID when quilting!  And no, I was not drinking, so I have nothing to blame it on except plain old not thinking!

The pieces for hubby’s sofa quilt are all cut out from recycled shirts and a solid cheddar fabric.  I had created a quilt plan in EQ7.  I printed out the picture of the quilt.  I figured fabric amounts needed.  I made notes of piece sizes and borders to cut.  That is all great… until I realized that I , too, am human and made a rookie mistake. 

While sewing the pieces together for these 4.5” finished 9-patch blocks I stopped to measure and be sure everything was as it should be.  But wait… the strip sets are measuring 5”… well DUH!  With seam allowances it SHOULD measure 5”… but then it dawns on me that I have cut 70 squares (the 60 I needed plus 10 more so I could adjust if colors ended up together… wasn’t I smart in thinking ahead like that?) that only measure 4.5”, from my precious recycled shirts, and some of them I used the last little bits I had… you get the picture?  I went back to check my notes, and written plain as day beside the notes for the squares is “cut 4.5 inches”.  GRRRRRR!

I will now try to scrape together enough shirt fabrics of the appropriate colors to cut 60 squares in the CORRECT size of 5”.  And I was making such good progress on this until reality burst my bubble!

The good news is… I am off for SIL  New Year’s Quilt Retreat tomorrow.  Fun, food, and sewing from now through Jan. 1 sounds just wonderful to me.

So, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!  May all your cutting measurements be correct in the New Year.  (And I hope that blessing comes back to rest on me… it appears I NEED it.)

And thank you for hanging with me in my blogging absence.  Inspiration (and time to post) has returned and I promise to be a more frequent poster.

Love and blessings to you all in the New Year,


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