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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Samsung Boycott...

OK... I am giving you a forewarning... this is going to sound like major whining, and if you don't want to hear that, just hit the X button and close the blog now!

I don't jump on the boycott bandwagon lightly... I always try to be very aware when I am tempted to feel offended, but Samsung has pushed my buttons, literally.

After our RV microwave almost toasted the whole rig (see previous post about "What A Day!), DH did research and discovered a recall on Samsung RV microwaves. Well, GREAT, we think, something will be done about this.

After more research and about 30 minutes on the phone to Samsung we discover, A) our microwave is not in the recall lot, B) even though we experienced the SAME problem that caused the recall on the other models, because our specific model has not been recalled, they will do nothing, and C) because our warranty has expired, we are just out of luck on this one.

HEY! We are not asking for anything for the damages to the RV. They are something we can either deal with or live with, BUT WE NEED A MICROWAVE! You can't just run to Wal Mart or Target and pick up a microwave that will fit an RV. These are "special" microwaves designed to fit in tiny spaces and hold together when bouncing down interstates at 65 MPH. And of course, they also come with a "special" price... about $160 for a tiny little microwave.

So although we can continue "up the ladder" to ring bells and yank chains on people with more authority, we need a microwave SOON. We have a trip planned in 2 weeks.

The result... I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER SAMSUNG APPLIANCE!! The fact that they don't care that their microwave auto-started and almost burned up our camper and truck bugs me. That they KNOW this problem exists (and according to our research, others with our same model have had this issue, too, but there is still no recall) but they choose not to replace our microwave is just not right. If they won't stand behind their appliances, then I won't buy one!

WORD OF WARNING! If you have an RV microwave, NEVER store ANYTHING inside it, even though you do not use it very often!!! I imagine that if I had not stored things inside there, instead of a fire in the unit, it would have just "gotten tired and quit". Who knows?

IF YOU KNOW OF SOMEONE WITH AN RV, PLEASE, PASS THIS INFORMATION ON TO THEM! If our experience can prevent one other person from going through this it will have been worth it.

'Nuff said. Now off to quilt with my praise music turned really loud. Putting things into perspective, this is really a minor issue, and I am so very blessed in so many ways! So I think I will go count (blessings) for a while. Have a great day, and count your blessings, too.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

For REAL... It IS fixed this time!!

Yah!! I have my friend, the laptop, back up and running correctly!! It is so good to be back in my own space for using the computer. DH was sweet enough to allow me use of his to check email and blog posts, but his chair does not "fit" me, and his screen is at a wierd angle that pains my neck... not complaining, just stating facts.

But we are back to blogging, etc. It has taken all afternoon to catch up with 2 weeks worth of email and MQP and Gammill Owner list digests, but I think I am done. Tomorrow I will catch up on blogs and also post about our MICROWAVE issues...too tired to deal with Samsung issues tonight.

See you all tomorrow, and sleep well.

Psalm 4:8 (KJV) I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, Lord, only makest me dwell in safety.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

What a day!

Our day started off great, with pancakes with fresh-picked huckleberries from the woods. DH noticed a bush with ripening berries just outside the window of the camper when we stayed in our woods last week. So he went back down yesterday and picked 250. Yep, he counted them as he picked! For those that are not familiar with huckleberries, they are like a wild blueberry, but much smaller. So we used about 200 of those berries in the pancakes. YUM!

And then... on a trip outside he noticed a smell, like paper burning. It was coming from the camper. He opened the door and smoke billowed out. Upon investigation, he realized the microwave (built-in) had a MAJOR issue. This made no sense at the time... I had stored some paper plates and cups in the microwave. We were not using it since we had no electricity at the camp spot. Somehow, after returning home and plugging the camper back into the electricity, the microwave turned on by itself and "cooked" my stored paper products. I mean cooked to the point of nothing left but ashes! The microwave is toast, there is a burned mark on the ceiling inside the cabinet where the microwave was mounted, and there are slight smoke stains inside the camper where it was, also. And of course there is a smoke smell that is NOT leaving fast!

Upon further investigation via the internet by DH, the Samsung microwave was under a recall because... "a defect in the keypad may cause the microwave oven to auto start." NO KIDDING! Oh yes... they also state, "You will not be charged for this repair." HMMM... I think it is a little late for a repair. We sure are hoping they will replace the microwave. We have a short trip planned in about 2 weeks and I really do need that microwave since I do not have an oven in the RV.

Anyone have any good ideas as to how to remove the smoke smell from the RV? We are feeling so blessed that the whole rig (RV and truck... this is a slide-in truck bed camper) did not go up in smoke. Thank You, Lord!

After a wonderful church service, DD Jennifer and I went to a little quilt shop about 45 miles away... today was its last day. This is the 3rd quilt shop that has closed in the 1 1/2 years I have been living here. We are down to just a few, and none of them any closer than a hour to hour-and-a-half drive. I did find just what I needed for the rainbow jelly roll quilt. Still looking for border fabric for the blue quilt and fabric for an apron. Jenn found fabrics for 2 quilts she plans on making for the girls.

Then a quick visit to Mom to drop off her Mother's Day gift. I was afraid that I would kill the beautiful orange/pink hybiscus if I tried to keep it until "the day" so I went ahead and gave it to her. She was very pleased with the plant, but even more pleased when I told her that I would be going to church with her on Mother's Day. Since I have responsibilities at my church, I have not gone to her's in a long time. I'm really looking forward to it!

So despite the microwave with a mind of its own, this has been a wonderful day. We are so blessed, and I really am working to focus on those blessings.

Count your blessings today, too. I think you will find a very long list there, because as we sang in church this morning, "God is good, all the time. He put a song of praise in this heart of mine. God is good, all the time. In the darkest night, His light still shines. God is good, He's so good all the time."

Be blessed!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Another Quick Update

I'm NOT whining... I promise I am not!! The technician came this morning, put the new motherboard in my laptop, tested things out and then left. Now we realize that the bluetooth is not working, therefore, still no internet or email. Another call to Dell, another motherboard and service call will be required... next week. I'm not whining because.... it's covered by the on-sight service plan we purchased when I got the laptop. I don't remember how much it costs us, but now I know it was money WELL spent!

The rainbow jelly roll is really looking good these days! I have 14 of the diamonds sewn together and will look for sashing fabric on the next quilt shop trip. The little blue art quilt just needs an outer border, which will also be purchased on my next trip to the QS.

A-Camping We Will Go... off to our woods this afternoon to spend the night in nature. DH has created a lovely camp site (and a road to get there) in our wonderful woods. Down in the section of our land lovingly named "Hollywood" (because there are so many holly and dogwood trees) he has created "Camp David" (named after himself). I doubt we will run into the President there, but it is a wonderful little spot, complete with fire ring and state-park-style grill. Tonight's menu... roasted weiners, of course! Hot dogs rule when roasted over a woodsy fire. We are foregoing the marshmallows this time... trying to help DH keep his blood sugar under control, and I don't need them either... but they sure are good!

Although this would be considered primitive camping due to the lack of electricity, I really don't think of it as such since we will be staying in the camper, complete with bathroom facilities. Now staying in a tent and having to commune with nature to relieve yourself... THAT's roughing it!!

Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy your surroundings, too!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Making Progress...

Slowly but surely, things are getting done. A service technician will come tomorrow and install a new motherboard in my laptop. I will be SOOOOO glad to get my computer back up and running!! I sure hope this fixes its issues and the computer and I are once again BFFs.

I got 3 customer quilts done in the last 2 days. YAH!! That means tomorrow I can have some "me" time, which will probably be spent doing some housework, preparing music for church on Sunday, and then a little quilt piecing time, I hope.

What will I piece? I really NEED to be finishing up the Glorified 9-Patch, but I will probably work on the Rainbow Jelly Roll quilt. Then I will need to purchase some sashing and setting triangle fabric for it... I don't think I have ANYTHING in my stash that will work for this one.

One of the UFOs I carried to quilt club on Saturday is done except for the borders. I had the PERFECT border fabric in my stash, but unfortunately I only had a fat-quarter... not enough. I am planning on going to a not-so-local quilt shop on Friday and can hopefully find more of this, or something very similar to finish off the little art quilt. After quilting I will add crystals to it. NOTE TO SELF: Order more crystals ASAP!! I'll post pictures when done.

So it has been a good week so far, despite the computer issues. I am so blessed in so many ways. Thank you, Lord!!


Monday, April 20, 2009

A Jelly Roll Give-Away

Hurry over to Amy's blog!! She is giving away a jelly roll, but you must work fast... entry will end at midnight on this Wednesday, Aprill 22.

And while you are there check out her wonderful quilts!!


Atta Gal, Zoe!

Cats are such wonderful creatures. I never really was around any cats growing up... my mom did NOT like cats! I was very surprised at some of their instincts when I first became "owned" by Wishy Cat (short for Alloisious. Named by the kids after the cat on "PeeWee's Playhouse"), a stray that showed up and soon wrapped herself around my heart.

One of the most amusing things to me was the "presents" cats sometimes leave on your doorstep, literally. It's just not quite so amusing when you step onto the back porch barefooted, half awake, and discover a present of inards of some poor creature has just squished between your toes. EEEEWWWWWW!

But Zoe Girl, our adopted long-hair darling, has paid for her raising today. DH had propped the storm door to the back porch open a tiny bit after the sweet potato thievery was noticed, hoping that one of our cats would venture onto the back porch and solve this problem for us. When he called for me to come see something, I did not expect to find the perp lying on our doormat, but there it was.

I find it somewhat amusing that my friend, Paula thought my post about the 'tater thief was about a sweet little "mouse". I assure you, this is no mouse but a full-grown pack rat, which measures a full 12" from nose to tail. So Paula, here is a photo of one of those critters. They are Ugly with a capital U, but still amazing in their own God-created way. Now if the description of such vermin is just too much for you to handle, then do NOT look at the picture below. However if, like me, you are amazed at the variety of God's creatures, then scroll on down and check the 'tater thief out.

Here's hoping that there are no more of these in our yard!


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Computer, Quilting Updates

Not much time for blogging this morning. I am on my way to take my computer to get it repaired... still overheating, even with the cooling tray. Also I am on my way to Quilt Till You Wilt with my local quilt group. A full day of sewing on MY projects... :) !!!!!

I'm taking 3 different projects to work on... hopefully I can get lots done on at least 2 of them today. That will really get me moving on the "Spring to Finish". I'll update as soon as I get my computer back.

Laugh today!! Laughter doeth good like a medicine. (From Proverbs, somewhere... no time to look up the reference now.... OK... You can start your day by laughing about THAT!) Have a great day!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

YAH!! Computer Back In Business!!

I am SOOO glad it was a simple solution! I finally realized that my laptop was overheating, and then locking up. Solution: USE the auxilary cooling stand that DH insisted I buy when I got the laptop. Now why have I NOT been using it? Well, it makes a lot of noise, and it actually creates a draft and cools ME down, and I just don't need that in the cold months of the year. I've kept the laptop sitting on it, I just had stopped running the fan. I'm repenting, and the fan is going as we speak... er, WRITE!

Now back to the fun stuff... quilting today, and blocking a small quilt for a friend. This will be a very busy quilting week with 4 quilts to get done by Saturday. But the reward is, Saturday is Quilt Till You Wilt at my local guild (I think I am taking a UFO to work on... got to get cracking on the "Spring to Finish" challenge. I'll post "before" and "after" pictures when I get it done.), and then Saturday night we will be treated to some wonderful seafood from South LA. My niece is coming up from New Orleans (after surviving the Apr. 15th tax rush... she is an accountant), and is celebrating by cooking for us!! Thank you, Susie!!!!

Have a wonderful day, and enjoy this gorgeous spring weather. I think everything is growing double-time today with all the wonderful sunshine.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Yuk! Computer Problems...

Computers used to be considered a luxury... not necessary for my daily life. It was a "just for fun" thing to check my few emails, play a couple of computer games, and then go on my merry way.

So when did it become a daily necessity to crank up the computer? Probably when DH insisted that I start keeping my checkbook on the computer. And then I discovered the MQP List on Google. Next came the Machine Quilter's Business Manager software to help me keep track of the business. And the last thing that made the computer a necessity for me was the discovery of blogging. Yep, that is what put me over the edge... discovering all the wonderful people that love to write and read about my favorite pass-time, quilting.

So WHY did my 1 1/2 year old Dell laptop suddenly decide to misbehave? I KNOW I have been using it a lot more since I discovered blogging, but gee... it's supposed to be a "better" model, designed to last longer. Lock-ups in the middle of reading or writing something are no fun. Refusing to boot back up for a period of time after the lock-up is very agravating.

All that is being said to inform you that until we can figure this issue out I probably won't be posting (or reading others) much. Hope we can figure this out soon and the computer can go back to being my friend, rather than something I feel like throwing against the wall (and I PROMISE you, I am just not that type, but the lock-ups are sure bringing out the worst in me!)

So blog on, my friends. I'll catch up with you when I can!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring to Finish!

What a neat (and inspiring) idea! Jacquie is challenging herself (and us, too!) to finish up some of those UFOs in the closet. Yep, I have them too. I'll do some digging later and see exactly how many, then organize myself with a list of what I plan on getting done in April. Customer quilting is slowing now, and I should have time to finish up some of these projects.

Thanks, Jacquie, for the inspiration. This is just the "kick in the pants" I've been needing!

Would YOU like to participate? If so, just mosey over to Jacquie's blog, grab the icon, and get busy! She is also having a give-away for those that participate. But hurry! This all ends on April 30th. Time's a-wasting!!!


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Proving an Old Wive's Tale True

Have you heard this old wive's tale... for every stitch you sew on Sunday, you'll pick it out with your nose on Monday. I've proven it true, kind of.

After stitching on the rainbow jelly roll quilt Sunday I was excited, but when I looked at it on Monday I was not pleased with the way the colors were situated. The jelly roll packet had some brown, tan, and black strips and I had included those in the sewing because it would help with the contrast. (There were only a few strips in the roll that would be considered "light" fabrics.) But honestly, it really dulled down the colors, and it just wasn't the cheerful quilt I was hoping for.

So on Tuesday I took out all the black, brown and tan strips. On Wednesday I re-sewed using the colorful red, orange, and aqua strips I was reserving for sashing... I'll figure out something else for that. I sliced each strip set into diamonds and now I am ready to sew them together in groups of 4. IT LOOKS SO BRIGHT AND CHEERFUL NOW! Some of the pattern design is lost because of the lack of light fabrics but I love it!

Hopefully next week one day I can sew these together and post a picture. Then I will be FORCED to go to a fabric store and find something for sashing and setting triangles... oh DRAT! What a sacrifice I make for this quilting thing! :)

The moral of the story... sew on Sunday, pick out on Monday. Actually it probably was because I was sewing QUICKLY on Sunday trying to get the strips done before bedtime, and did not really pause and lay things out to see what it was going to look like. Lesson learned!!

Changing subjects here... life in the country can be interesting at times. We have had 2 bushel boxes of sweet potatoes sitting on the back porch, which is enclosed and contains the washer, dryer, and a whole lot of stuff we really need to sort through and throw away. Usually DH goes to get a few potatoes out of a box for our meals. I noticed a few days ago that the potato supply was dwindling quickly, but we have been eating them once or twice a week.

Then yesterday I was loading laundry into the washer, and there, crammed between the washer and drier was a sweet potato. HMMM... this looks odd. Peeking through the crevice, I could see another, and way at the back by the wall about 3 more. Yep, it appears Mr. Packrat has come onto my back porch. And evidently he is storing up my 'taters for his own use later.

So DH came to the rescue. His long arms could only reach so far, and he could not retrieve them all without pulling the appliances away from the wall. Today I remembered the folding "grabber" I used when I had my knee surgery. Using this contraption he was able to save about 25 of my potatoes from the rambling rodent. They were not damaged, only stashed away. Taters are now relocated inside the house so hopefully we won't have a repeat thieving.

I think we must be feeding our 3 yard cats WAYYY too much cat food!


Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'm SOOO Ashamed!

I have no self-control! No willpower at all! This was harder than resisting thin mint Girl Scout cookies!! I should have known better. When I opened the package I knew I was going to be tempted, but I just planned on getting a picture for my blog and that was all.

But then it started calling to me... every time I passed and looked at it the calling seemed to get louder and louder. "Here I am! Aren't I beautiful? Wouldn't you just LOVE to spend some time with me? You know this will be fun!"

I could no longer resist. A little spare time on Sunday afternoon, and I had to give in.

So now instead of a rainbow jelly roll (as shown in a previous post) I have jelly roll strips sewn into 4-sies. Alternating light and dark strips have gone together so quickly and easily, and I think it is going to be such a very bright, cheerful, and fun project. I did decide to use the Jelly Roll Diamond pattern I showed on the picture, and after pressing the strips, the next step will be cutting the 60 degree angle strips.

I KNOW I should have been working on the Glorified 9-Patch... only one more row to construct and then I can start sewing rows together. My heart just was not into it today. And besides... it could not call to me from the plastic container where it is resting (and I am ignoring it).

Back to work tomorrow, so the "next step" for the rainbow jelly roll probably won't happen for a while. As soon as I get a little further along on it I will post a picture here.

And the moral of the story is: Out of sight, out of mind. If I REALLY need to be doing other things, I better put fabric for the NEW projects up where I can't see them (or HEAR them)!

And you know that APRON pattern I got (and the 30s fat-quarters)? They are starting to YELL at me this evening! Think I best go find a more sound-proof place to put them!!


Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'm In the Paper!


I must admit I have a little bit of an "in-road" to the Houma Courier... my BIL is a feature writer for the "Living" section. That being said, I now know to be very careful about what is said and done in his presence, or references to me (or some of the other family) may well appear in his twice-weekly column. For instance...

Here is this reference to a recent visit to our area, and an overnight stay at our home (we were purely a B&B this trip, as time was limited on both ends of his visit and we each had other events scheduled.) And I quote...

"A left turn from (HWY) 120 onto a dirt road takes you to my brother's house
where I thought I was promised a Sunday morning waffle breakfast. But when
my overworked sister-in-law overslept, the "waffles" became healthy and
delicious oatmeal. "

Although DH inferred to BIL that I was ticked about this comment, my response was somewhat different...


To BIL Bill (and Lynn, also), you are welcome here anytime. NEXT TIME we WILL have waffles!! I promise!

Well, I guess I just "returned the favor" to Bill. Be careful what you say, do, and write, Bill; you just might show up in my BLOG!! :)

Now I can get off my soap box and go get back to work.

1 Thes. 4:11-12 (GW) Also, make it your goal to live quietly, do your work, and earn your own living, as we ordered you. [12] Then your way of life will win respect from those outside {the church}, and you won't have to depend on anyone else for what you need.

Have a blessed day!

Friday, April 3, 2009

New Sing-Along!

(To the tune of "Farmer in the Dell")

A-shopping we will go, A-shopping we will go,
Hi-ho, the quilt-shop-o, A-shopping we will go!

So what have I bought lately? I've made trips to 3 different quilt stores recently, and here are some of the things that just BEGGED to come home with me (actually lots of things begged, but some were a little louder than others, and since I am trying to watch my budget, and since I seldom have time to piece, I was REALLY good and resisted spending mega-$$)...

The first is a jelly roll... well, really not, because it is not by Moda. These fabrics are by Blank Textiles, and I found this roll of rainbow colors at Mama's Quilt Shop in Independence, LA. I had no idea what I was going to do with it but I just LOVED it. Then I found this jelly-roll diamond pattern by Fig Tree Quilts, so I think this is what it wants to be. I still have to find the perfect fabric for sashing strips and setting triangles, but I will probably get a few of the diamonds made first so I can audition them with fabrics to see what gives me the look I want.

Next the ladies from the SIL Retreat (Mary Anne, Debbie, and myself) made a quick trip to Lafayette, LA this past weekend and visited a new shop, The Borne Quilter. It is a small shop, but she had LOTS of pretty things that were very well displayed. Here's what wanted to come home with me... 30's print fat quarters, several sale fat quarters, and this CUTE apron pattern by Threaded Pear Studio. I'm not sure exactly when I will make an apron but I have plenty of fabric in my stash that should make a cute one.

And this week my daughter Jennifer and I went to Shreveport. We visited Cottage Quilts. I found some wonderful remnants at a great price and a batik fat quarter to add to my collection. This is also a very nice store. She is in the process of building up inventory, and each time I go there are more things to choose from.

So now you have a glimpse of my future projects. Now if I can just make the time to work on them!

And here is a shot of one of our dogwood trees in the woods. We are really enjoying spring on the farm... at least until next week when we are supposed to get near-freezing temperatures again.
Have a blessed day!


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