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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

YAH!! Computer Back In Business!!

I am SOOO glad it was a simple solution! I finally realized that my laptop was overheating, and then locking up. Solution: USE the auxilary cooling stand that DH insisted I buy when I got the laptop. Now why have I NOT been using it? Well, it makes a lot of noise, and it actually creates a draft and cools ME down, and I just don't need that in the cold months of the year. I've kept the laptop sitting on it, I just had stopped running the fan. I'm repenting, and the fan is going as we speak... er, WRITE!

Now back to the fun stuff... quilting today, and blocking a small quilt for a friend. This will be a very busy quilting week with 4 quilts to get done by Saturday. But the reward is, Saturday is Quilt Till You Wilt at my local guild (I think I am taking a UFO to work on... got to get cracking on the "Spring to Finish" challenge. I'll post "before" and "after" pictures when I get it done.), and then Saturday night we will be treated to some wonderful seafood from South LA. My niece is coming up from New Orleans (after surviving the Apr. 15th tax rush... she is an accountant), and is celebrating by cooking for us!! Thank you, Susie!!!!

Have a wonderful day, and enjoy this gorgeous spring weather. I think everything is growing double-time today with all the wonderful sunshine.



  1. Kathy, we are going through the same things at the same time. I am so glad you got the problem fixed and that it was a simple fix. Mine was too and my postings are not stuck on a few weeks ago.

    Have fun and have a great day! No more computer problem from now on, just fun quilting.

  2. ThermaPAK has this laptop cooler that might help. http://www.ThermaPAK.com

  3. Welcome back---you've been missed! My computer was fried in the storms we had, but DH has it fixed so I too am a "happy camper/blogger".


  4. Welcome back. I'd much rather my oven be broken than my computer!


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