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Friday, April 24, 2009

Another Quick Update

I'm NOT whining... I promise I am not!! The technician came this morning, put the new motherboard in my laptop, tested things out and then left. Now we realize that the bluetooth is not working, therefore, still no internet or email. Another call to Dell, another motherboard and service call will be required... next week. I'm not whining because.... it's covered by the on-sight service plan we purchased when I got the laptop. I don't remember how much it costs us, but now I know it was money WELL spent!

The rainbow jelly roll is really looking good these days! I have 14 of the diamonds sewn together and will look for sashing fabric on the next quilt shop trip. The little blue art quilt just needs an outer border, which will also be purchased on my next trip to the QS.

A-Camping We Will Go... off to our woods this afternoon to spend the night in nature. DH has created a lovely camp site (and a road to get there) in our wonderful woods. Down in the section of our land lovingly named "Hollywood" (because there are so many holly and dogwood trees) he has created "Camp David" (named after himself). I doubt we will run into the President there, but it is a wonderful little spot, complete with fire ring and state-park-style grill. Tonight's menu... roasted weiners, of course! Hot dogs rule when roasted over a woodsy fire. We are foregoing the marshmallows this time... trying to help DH keep his blood sugar under control, and I don't need them either... but they sure are good!

Although this would be considered primitive camping due to the lack of electricity, I really don't think of it as such since we will be staying in the camper, complete with bathroom facilities. Now staying in a tent and having to commune with nature to relieve yourself... THAT's roughing it!!

Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy your surroundings, too!

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  1. we ARE enjoying our surroundings here in Mountain View - last night at Heber Springs. Just got back from the square where we listened to the picking, etc. and had a bbq sandwich.


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