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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Proving an Old Wive's Tale True

Have you heard this old wive's tale... for every stitch you sew on Sunday, you'll pick it out with your nose on Monday. I've proven it true, kind of.

After stitching on the rainbow jelly roll quilt Sunday I was excited, but when I looked at it on Monday I was not pleased with the way the colors were situated. The jelly roll packet had some brown, tan, and black strips and I had included those in the sewing because it would help with the contrast. (There were only a few strips in the roll that would be considered "light" fabrics.) But honestly, it really dulled down the colors, and it just wasn't the cheerful quilt I was hoping for.

So on Tuesday I took out all the black, brown and tan strips. On Wednesday I re-sewed using the colorful red, orange, and aqua strips I was reserving for sashing... I'll figure out something else for that. I sliced each strip set into diamonds and now I am ready to sew them together in groups of 4. IT LOOKS SO BRIGHT AND CHEERFUL NOW! Some of the pattern design is lost because of the lack of light fabrics but I love it!

Hopefully next week one day I can sew these together and post a picture. Then I will be FORCED to go to a fabric store and find something for sashing and setting triangles... oh DRAT! What a sacrifice I make for this quilting thing! :)

The moral of the story... sew on Sunday, pick out on Monday. Actually it probably was because I was sewing QUICKLY on Sunday trying to get the strips done before bedtime, and did not really pause and lay things out to see what it was going to look like. Lesson learned!!

Changing subjects here... life in the country can be interesting at times. We have had 2 bushel boxes of sweet potatoes sitting on the back porch, which is enclosed and contains the washer, dryer, and a whole lot of stuff we really need to sort through and throw away. Usually DH goes to get a few potatoes out of a box for our meals. I noticed a few days ago that the potato supply was dwindling quickly, but we have been eating them once or twice a week.

Then yesterday I was loading laundry into the washer, and there, crammed between the washer and drier was a sweet potato. HMMM... this looks odd. Peeking through the crevice, I could see another, and way at the back by the wall about 3 more. Yep, it appears Mr. Packrat has come onto my back porch. And evidently he is storing up my 'taters for his own use later.

So DH came to the rescue. His long arms could only reach so far, and he could not retrieve them all without pulling the appliances away from the wall. Today I remembered the folding "grabber" I used when I had my knee surgery. Using this contraption he was able to save about 25 of my potatoes from the rambling rodent. They were not damaged, only stashed away. Taters are now relocated inside the house so hopefully we won't have a repeat thieving.

I think we must be feeding our 3 yard cats WAYYY too much cat food!



  1. They have really come out of the woodwork in this warmer weather. We caught 5 of them in one of our closets this week. We used the humane stickey things, (because you know J would never hurt a flea), and we took them across the road and poured oil on them to set them free from the adhesive. What a sight!
    After our little excitement, all I could think about was that movie "Willard". Now that's a blast from the past!
    My kitty has gone blind this year, so she is no help with the mice population around here. So I guess it's "stickey things" for us!

  2. I remember my mom telling me Years ago that if you sewed on Sunday you would have to pick the stitches out with your nose, but couldn't remember the rest of it, so THANKS!


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