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Monday, April 20, 2009

Atta Gal, Zoe!

Cats are such wonderful creatures. I never really was around any cats growing up... my mom did NOT like cats! I was very surprised at some of their instincts when I first became "owned" by Wishy Cat (short for Alloisious. Named by the kids after the cat on "PeeWee's Playhouse"), a stray that showed up and soon wrapped herself around my heart.

One of the most amusing things to me was the "presents" cats sometimes leave on your doorstep, literally. It's just not quite so amusing when you step onto the back porch barefooted, half awake, and discover a present of inards of some poor creature has just squished between your toes. EEEEWWWWWW!

But Zoe Girl, our adopted long-hair darling, has paid for her raising today. DH had propped the storm door to the back porch open a tiny bit after the sweet potato thievery was noticed, hoping that one of our cats would venture onto the back porch and solve this problem for us. When he called for me to come see something, I did not expect to find the perp lying on our doormat, but there it was.

I find it somewhat amusing that my friend, Paula thought my post about the 'tater thief was about a sweet little "mouse". I assure you, this is no mouse but a full-grown pack rat, which measures a full 12" from nose to tail. So Paula, here is a photo of one of those critters. They are Ugly with a capital U, but still amazing in their own God-created way. Now if the description of such vermin is just too much for you to handle, then do NOT look at the picture below. However if, like me, you are amazed at the variety of God's creatures, then scroll on down and check the 'tater thief out.

Here's hoping that there are no more of these in our yard!



  1. Good Kitty!
    I hope the little critter (or should I say very BIG critter) doesn't have any family lurking nearby!
    I say, keep the door propped open just in case.

  2. One in a __________....Kat, I am not a betting woman, but I bet this critter didn't come into the world alone!!!! Go get 'em Zoe...

  3. OUCH! that hurts...I am staying away from Zoe! ;-)


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