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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

We’re Moving!

Moving to our dream house in a wonderful location, closer to family.  That is just one of the reasons my Blog has suffered neglect.  Hopefully after the relocation is complete I can get back to the routine of posting.


Look out Zwolle, here we come!  That is the town where I was born and raised.  I will be within 10 minutes of my Mom and Dad.  I will be closer to all my family and many of my friends.  And of course the fact that we will be on Toledo Bend does not hurt my feelings at all.



Can’t you just envision us roaming about in our kayaks out there?  Bass boat ready to jump in and go at a moment’s notice.  Crappie fishing off the dock. 

And did I mention the QUILT STUDIO?  What was once a “guest house” will contain all of my quilting things (I hope) so I will no longer be working throughout the whole house.

Soon… scheduled to close Oct. 7th.  Now, to get back to sorting, cleaning, packing.  Big changes coming!

Blessing to you all!


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