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Monday, April 13, 2009

Yuk! Computer Problems...

Computers used to be considered a luxury... not necessary for my daily life. It was a "just for fun" thing to check my few emails, play a couple of computer games, and then go on my merry way.

So when did it become a daily necessity to crank up the computer? Probably when DH insisted that I start keeping my checkbook on the computer. And then I discovered the MQP List on Google. Next came the Machine Quilter's Business Manager software to help me keep track of the business. And the last thing that made the computer a necessity for me was the discovery of blogging. Yep, that is what put me over the edge... discovering all the wonderful people that love to write and read about my favorite pass-time, quilting.

So WHY did my 1 1/2 year old Dell laptop suddenly decide to misbehave? I KNOW I have been using it a lot more since I discovered blogging, but gee... it's supposed to be a "better" model, designed to last longer. Lock-ups in the middle of reading or writing something are no fun. Refusing to boot back up for a period of time after the lock-up is very agravating.

All that is being said to inform you that until we can figure this issue out I probably won't be posting (or reading others) much. Hope we can figure this out soon and the computer can go back to being my friend, rather than something I feel like throwing against the wall (and I PROMISE you, I am just not that type, but the lock-ups are sure bringing out the worst in me!)

So blog on, my friends. I'll catch up with you when I can!


  1. Kathy, I hope your computer problem will be soon over. I am having a blogging problem with my postings, can be so frustrating if you are not so computerised. And just to temp you more, there is a longarm forum too.

  2. Dear Millie,

    TEMPT ME NOT!! I am already on the MQP List AND the Gammill Owner's list!!! A gal MUST leave some time for actual QUILTING, you know!! Hope your blogging issues are solved soon. I've been having problems with the pictures on my site not loading for me, but when I go to other sites they load fine. What's up with that??
    Have a wonderful quilty day!


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