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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Computer, Quilting Updates

Not much time for blogging this morning. I am on my way to take my computer to get it repaired... still overheating, even with the cooling tray. Also I am on my way to Quilt Till You Wilt with my local quilt group. A full day of sewing on MY projects... :) !!!!!

I'm taking 3 different projects to work on... hopefully I can get lots done on at least 2 of them today. That will really get me moving on the "Spring to Finish". I'll update as soon as I get my computer back.

Laugh today!! Laughter doeth good like a medicine. (From Proverbs, somewhere... no time to look up the reference now.... OK... You can start your day by laughing about THAT!) Have a great day!


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