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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Samsung Boycott...

OK... I am giving you a forewarning... this is going to sound like major whining, and if you don't want to hear that, just hit the X button and close the blog now!

I don't jump on the boycott bandwagon lightly... I always try to be very aware when I am tempted to feel offended, but Samsung has pushed my buttons, literally.

After our RV microwave almost toasted the whole rig (see previous post about "What A Day!), DH did research and discovered a recall on Samsung RV microwaves. Well, GREAT, we think, something will be done about this.

After more research and about 30 minutes on the phone to Samsung we discover, A) our microwave is not in the recall lot, B) even though we experienced the SAME problem that caused the recall on the other models, because our specific model has not been recalled, they will do nothing, and C) because our warranty has expired, we are just out of luck on this one.

HEY! We are not asking for anything for the damages to the RV. They are something we can either deal with or live with, BUT WE NEED A MICROWAVE! You can't just run to Wal Mart or Target and pick up a microwave that will fit an RV. These are "special" microwaves designed to fit in tiny spaces and hold together when bouncing down interstates at 65 MPH. And of course, they also come with a "special" price... about $160 for a tiny little microwave.

So although we can continue "up the ladder" to ring bells and yank chains on people with more authority, we need a microwave SOON. We have a trip planned in 2 weeks.

The result... I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER SAMSUNG APPLIANCE!! The fact that they don't care that their microwave auto-started and almost burned up our camper and truck bugs me. That they KNOW this problem exists (and according to our research, others with our same model have had this issue, too, but there is still no recall) but they choose not to replace our microwave is just not right. If they won't stand behind their appliances, then I won't buy one!

WORD OF WARNING! If you have an RV microwave, NEVER store ANYTHING inside it, even though you do not use it very often!!! I imagine that if I had not stored things inside there, instead of a fire in the unit, it would have just "gotten tired and quit". Who knows?

IF YOU KNOW OF SOMEONE WITH AN RV, PLEASE, PASS THIS INFORMATION ON TO THEM! If our experience can prevent one other person from going through this it will have been worth it.

'Nuff said. Now off to quilt with my praise music turned really loud. Putting things into perspective, this is really a minor issue, and I am so very blessed in so many ways! So I think I will go count (blessings) for a while. Have a great day, and count your blessings, too.



  1. This outburst is worth it. I agree that many companies these days are so desperate to hang on that they continue to sell defective merchandise. Strictly me....but I would continue to pull a chain or two up the ladder. Might not help get you a micro in time for KS, but eventually, it may help YOU and someone coming behind you. Good luck.

  2. I just had an incident in my home last week with a Samsung microwave. While cooking breakfast at the stove I noticed that the microwave oven had turned on by itself. When I tried to cancel the timer the timer reset for four minutes and ran again. after failing to shut the oven off I opened the door to stop the timer and found that the door was starting to melt and the oven was hot to the touch. I immediately unplugged it. The scary part of all this is I just returned home from a weeklong trip the night before. Who knows how long this had been going on or if it could have burned down my house the night before.Samsung also told me about a recall but the ovens listed did not match the model I have. I have written the Consumer Products Safety Commission and I am next getting in touch with the media about this. I suggest that everyone do the same.


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