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Monday, May 4, 2009

My Busy Life...

Busy-ness abounds in my life. Yesterday was off to an interesting start, with a very strong spring storm whooshing through and doing damage in the area (so much so that church services were cancelled due to downed trees and power outages). We were very blessed... a large limb hit the electrical service line coming to our house and pulled the meter loop down. This sent us scurrying to relocate all things in the house refrigerator/freezer to the camper and the large freezer on the back porch, where we can run the generator to keep the contents frozen solid. Thankfully, a friend told us of a local man who could fix this, and fix it he did! Power was restored around 5 o'clock yesterday evening and we are now fine. Not so for several in this small, rural community. A tornado touch-down just a few miles down the road has completely destroyed one family's home, and done major damage to another one.

Bowling again... The summer bowling league begins tonight. I don't know why we pay big-bucks to show others how poorly we bowl, but we do. The really fun thing about the summer league is that it is a mixed league, meaning men and women can bowl on the same team. I will really enjoy bowling with DH again. We have not been able to do this since we moved from Arkansas 1 1/2 years ago. Some dear friends will also be bowling the same league, so we will have great fun and fellowship while getting a little exercise.

Going "Cruising"... I never thought of going on a cruise (the RV is more our preferred travel method) but BIL and SIL discovered some amazing rates for an Alaskan cruise that just can't be passed up. We had planned a 3-month RV excursion to Alaska for this summer, but with the down-turn in the economy and our investments we decided not to do it at this time. But a 7-day cruise at a bargain-basement price convinced us that we CAN see some of Alaska this summer. BOY! Do I need to do some clothes shopping!! I've either out-grown or worn out everything in my closet it seems, so I'm going to have to venture to the "big city" and try to find some bargains. Plus, I have never flown before, so this will really be an adventure for me.

Quilt retreat... It is time for another SIL Lake Retreat!! This weekend we will be gathering to see how much quilting can be done by 3 quilt-crazy ladies. Much visiting, eating, sewing, and a quilt shop visit will be on the agenda. I'm really going to MAKE myself work on the Glorified 9-Patch. I can finish that this weekend if I will just do it! I also need to make some more Wonder Wallets. That last batch of 9 flew out of the house quickly and I already have several people asking for more.

All of that, plus several church activities on my agenda, plus quilting... Who says retired people have nothing to do??????

Have a blessed day!


  1. Have fun on the cruise..they aren't quite as dressy as they used to be so don't worry. My only suggestion is to choose the land trips/excursions carefully and sign up early before the good ones fill up. On our first cruise the excursions ended up costing more than the cruise did! We did better on our next one!

  2. Are you going to paint your "drawers" on this SIL retreat? You buggered out of it last time, remember...
    So happy you guys had no major damage. I think our water table is way up after yesterday.

    I've heard the Alaska cruises are THE ONES to take. And just what "big city" are we close to dear friend?

  3. Hey, SIL, are you going to bring your paints? Let me know so I can be prepared.


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