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Thursday, May 21, 2009

North to Alaska!

Things are pretty crazy at my house today. I have packed and re-packed luggage. My friend Paula was right... should have bought the LARGEST piece of luggage that goes with the set (I only bought the carry-on size and the next size up... I KNEW that would be plenty of space. HA!) And you can FORGET about purchasing anything with a long sleeve right now, but that is what I need for this trip! The stores have packed all those away until next fall. So I am making do with what is in the closet as far as warmer clothing.

We will be leaving tomorrow for our Alaskan cruise. That means that I will miss all my bloggy-friends, but I will fill you in when I get back. I have decided to not carry the laptop... I plan on being so busy viewing glaciers, etc. that I won't have time to blog. I do plan on checking my email using my BIL's computer or one available on the ship. I really feel the wonderful nature viewing will give me new inspiration... I really want to do some "artsy" quilts, and nature usually inspires that.

Must run... I think I will unpack and re-pack one more time (now that I have added another piece of luggage to the pile we are taking!). Blessings to you all today, and I'll "see" you again in about 10 days.


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  1. enjoy your cruise. We went a month ago, but went south. I like it hot, don't know that I could take an Alaskan cruise. You are wise not to bring your laptop. One more thing to take care of and have to carry. This was my third cruise and the first time I didn't use the ship's internet -- found that I didn't miss it at all, really needed the get away..took serious the verse "be still and know that I am God" -- you can catch up when you're back and post all sorts of lovely photos! Just sit back and enjoy God's beautiful creation, blogville will be here when you get back!


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