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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Two New Projects Completed!

YYYAAAAHHHH! I did it! 2 projects completed in just a few short weeks.

Project # 1 has been in my UFO closet for several years now. This piece is called "Night Through the Lattice", and is made similar to another piece done 6 years ago. I learned this technique from Carol Ann Wilburn from Little Rock, AR. The body of the quilt is made from 1" strips of fabric pieced end to end, then sewn into "2-sies", then "4-sies", etc. This makes a large piece of pieced fabric, which you starch heavily and then cut into blocks. I cut 5" blocks for this quilt. You can't really tell, but the lattice sashing is made from a sparkly black fabric that really sets it off nicely. The quilt is about 40" square.

I'm glad this had a "time out" in the closet, because now I know about crystals, and this is the perfect place for some (after the quilting is done). I see some type of feathers in a gold metalic thread swirling around the borders, but I'll have to ponder over how to quilt the body of the quilt. All suggestions are welcome!

Project #2 is the jelly roll diamond quilt... it is done!! It took a lot longer to get together than I had thought because being the ticky (or picky) quilter that I am I chose to pin all those intersections to be sure they matched up just right.

I LOVE this fabric I found for the setting triangles and borders. And of course after I had it all put together I realized that it really would have looked cool to use the border floral fabric for the diamonds in the sashing lattice, but it is too
late for this quilt. If I decide to make another one of these some time I will put the border fabric in the sashing diamonds... that would help bring the whole thing together.

Some little girl (or grown daughter) will really
enjoy using this bright quilt!

Finishing projects really does give you a good feeling! I really need to work towards finishing up more things from the UFO closet and putting them to good use or passing them on to others who will love and appreciate them.

More visitors on the farm... (WARNING: If you don't like crawly reptiles, do not scroll down!)

I saw Teddy Bear (the gray cat) in hot pursuit of something, and when I investigated this is what I found. I'm not sure what type of snake it is, but it is not poisionous. It is a light tan/gray with black spots, and black around his eye, with a cream colored belly, and is about 2 1/2 ft. long. And of course as a former teacher, I have posters of snakes, turtles, and frogs of LA but I can't find them. How does that stuff hide so easily? I remember seeing it not too long ago. As one friend from the other side of LA says, "My house ate it!" (Hi Tommie!)
God's creatures are amazing! This snake was very docile and was probably out doing a public service by eating mice and other things I don't want around the yard when he was interrupted by a curious cat. We called the cat away and let the snake move on in peace... we only kill the poisonous snakes we encounter, and thankfully there are not too many of those kind found around the yard.
Hope you have a wonderful day, and take time to really appreciate some part of nature that reminds you of the One who created it all!


  1. Your quilts turned out Great! I especially like the bright diamond.

  2. So proud of you - finished (2) two projects even - and I'm just not sure which one I love the best. Great job. Glad you're the one that found the little ratter. I'm not a snake killer, but I really don't want them as company either!

  3. What an awesome job on the quilts. Love the jelly roll!
    Isn't it satisfying to finish a project!
    Be blessed in the days ahead, my friend.

  4. Great Quilts! That first one would look great in a feather meander throughout and then the crystals. Meagan Best did a WOM that way and it looked great. I might use a verigated thread in purples.
    The colours and pattern of the second quilt are great I esp love the border.

  5. Great quilts and two finished quilts. Congratulations! You are definitely on a roll.


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