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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Next Generation of Quilters

Katelyn (9 year-old grand-daughter) had a great time sewing on her first project, a full-length apron. She loves to help me cook when she visits so I know it will get used often. She could not believe I was going to let her sew "by myself?" Yes, Dear... I was about your age when my mom taught me to sew. Here she is sewing the straps for the apron.

And here is the completed project, complete with cat fabric pockets. She was VERY proud of the finished project. She says she is going to "quilt like Granny Kat" soon.

Next is my daughter Jennifer. She has just started quilting in the last year. Most of her quilts have been baby quilts for friends. This one is a pattern taken from Quiltmaker magazine. Jenn pieced the top and I quilted it using Jodi Beamish's Angel Wings panto.

She is enjoying quilting so much she is already planning on 3 more projects. She is very good about finishing one project before starting another one... I greatly admire her self-control. That means NO UFOs!

I am so thankful that both of "my girls" share my interest in quilting.

And lastly, I wanted to share a few pictures of spring flowers in LA. These are called wild azaleas. My grandmother always called them "pink honeysuckle", but they are a bush rather than a vine like honeysuckle. They are my very favorite blooming thing in our woods right now.

Have a wonderful day, and share your interests with someone today... remember you are planting seeds for the next generation of quilters.



  1. Kathy it is wonderful to see the next generation sewing. Great apron and lovely quilt. I love the Angel Wings panto, perfect for kids quilts. You did a good jog on the quilting. Thank you for sharing and have a good quilting week.

  2. What a great job Katelyn did on her apron and what a pretty smile she has!

  3. Way to go! love the apron and the quilt!
    Mary Anne

  4. How proud you must be of Jennifer and Katelyn! Both have beautiful projects to show.

    Isn't it wonderful spring has come to our part of the country? I am basking in the blooms and green growth.


  5. Congrats on a great job on the apron! So nice to see quilting go on through a family!


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