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Friday, October 9, 2009


(Photo disclaimer.... there were lots of clouds, so photography was very difficult.)

We whizzed through the Great Smokey Mountains this morning. There was not a lot of leaf color except in higher elevations. Regardless, it was a wonderful drive. Shortly after entering the park we spotted a large black bear right next to the road. Of course, by the time we stopped, I got the camera out and turned on, then tried to focus while still strapped into the seat, Mr. Bear decided to head back into the woods. That explains the fuzzy, rear-end shot of him. It really IS a bear…. I promise!


There is no explanation for the other rear-end shot that will be included at the bottom of this post. How’s that for a hook to make you REALLY want to read all of this today?

We entered the Blue Ridge Parkway about 10AM and have had a wonderful day viewing leaves. They have been spectacular! I am always amazed by the mountains… Why can’t we have some of these views in north LA???


The campground host (We are in a private campground just out from Asheville, NC) informed us that the leaves are at their peak from here on North, so we should be in store for some wonderful leaf viewing, provided the weather cooperates. The forecast is for rain tonight and likely tomorrow also. We may be spending lots of time at the visitor’s center! We will probably be camping primitive tomorrow evening, so I won’t be able to give you an update.

Now here is a “Parting Shot”, so to speak. I must begin by explaining that when I was giving the Lord my “wish-list” for a hubby I made a fateful request… I wanted a man with a sense of humor! Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it…. I did. There can be no other explanation for this pose. I would say you could send sympathy cards for what foolishness I have to put up with, but honestly, it keeps life interesting on the farm (and in our travels, too)!


You can just check out that grin and KNOW he is up to something!


DON’T LOOK, ETHYL!! Too late, you’ve already viewed a REALLY ROUGH BUTT!

And that’s the END of this post, pun intended!


PS: DON’T FORGET TO SIGN UP FOR THE GIVE-AWAY ON MY PREVIOUS POST…. 2 someones will win a Moda jelly roll or layer cake.


  1. This one REALLY had me laughing! Love the sense of humor!


  2. Okay, it's official. D is officially up to no good! Ha,ha!
    Really wish we were there with you guys, it looks heavenly.

  3. How lucky for you to see the bear and be able to get any photo! Your hubby is funny...mine would have done the same thing...lucky us!!!

  4. What a great vacation you guys are having - love ALL the photos of the scenery and signs (and antics)!

  5. We're going to the Smokey's in 3 weeks and love to day hike. I have to say, the thought of a bear does not make me comfortable.

  6. men! what would we do without them?


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