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Friday, July 30, 2010

Neat Gift!

It pays to be nice to your relatives, especially if they are quilters!  Recently my hubby’s aunt and uncle needed to store some things here at our house because they were heading toward Ohio to a tool show and quilt shop hopping along the way.  It was no problem for me… we stacked the boxes in a room that is seldom used this time of year.  It contains the wood heater, and heaven knows we don’t need THAT right now!!

When they returned to pick up their boxes, here is what she gave me as a thank-you…


That top item is a pot holder with a recipe pocket.  SOOO cute and useful too!


The lower item is a “Fat-Free Cheeseburger”.


Which looks like this on the inside… 7 fat-quarters of fabric.


Don’t you just LOVE the tomatoes, pickles, and lettuce fabrics?  2 tan fat quarters are the “buns”,  yellow for the “cheese”, and brown for the “meat”.  COOL IDEA!!


Thanks, Mary!  You can leave your things at my house anytime!  And did I mention they also carried us out to lunch?  I have a spot reserved for her boxes next year!


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