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Friday, September 2, 2011


There’s a change in the air hair at my house.  Really, this was brought on by a monumental event happening next week… I turn 55, and the result of that event is that I will need to renew my driver’s license.  Because that means having a new picture taken, I decided it was time for a haircut.  After the haircut, I noticed that the gray now greatly outnumbers the brown hairs on my head. 

Because of that, I have been toying with the idea of dying my hair for the first time.  (We are not counting the event in the 80s when I did the home “streaking” kit, that turned the streaks in my dark brown hair a wonderful shade of ORANGE!)  Because of THAT fiasco, I have not even been tempted to color my hair.  As I aged I enjoyed the subtle gray areas, the distinguished (HAHA!) look of graying temples. 

The joy of graying hair is gone.  I knew there was now a quick fix for the gray that is bugging me more and more these days.

I looked at that box of hair color sitting on my cabinet for a week before I got brave enough to use it.  I even asked DH what he thought… he was not much help in the decision.  Today was the day!

The box says, “light brown with highlights”.  Upon further pondering I have figured out, what that means is your brown hair will still be brown, but the gray hair will appear as “highlights”.  I really should have thought about that a little more beforehand.  Let’s go back to one of my opening statements… “I noticed that the gray now greatly outnumbers the brown hairs on my head.”  SOOOOO…

I now have a little bit of brown with LOTS of HIGHLIGHTS (read that as REDISH-brown).  The box says, “permanent… lasts for 8 weeks”.  That is a mighty temporary definition of PERMANENT.  Truthfully, as fast as my hair grows and as short as I keep it cut, it will be a very temporary situation.  I still wonder who that is looking back at me in the mirror. 

I don’t necessarily dislike it, but I’m not sure I love it.  And the wonderful news is, even if I decide not to color it again after it grows out, I will get to look at myself like this for the next 4 years because I will HAVE to get my DL picture/renewal next week! 

Perhaps I should have used good reasoning and WAITED a little longer?  Sorry, no hair pictures to go with this post.  Just check my DL the next time you see me.  Oh, and now that the deed is done, DH is VERY vocal about his opinion… wouldn’t you know it!

Good night.  I’m off to shampoo my hair 5 times and see if this changes anything.  Grow, hair, grow!!!



  1. Oh Kat....this reminds me of the days when I always got a haircut and a perm the day before school pictures were taken. I never learned - and all of my school pictures still bring on a great hoo-hah.

  2. This post reminded me of the night a friend knocked on my door one Sunday at 11:30 PM wearing a stocking hat. I opened the door, and she pulled off the hat and howled, "Look what happened!" Her hair was bright orange! We tried everything that night before giving up. The next morning she had to face her students and bear the comments of colleagues.

  3. Love ya, Kat, no matter what color your hair is. You are like GOLD among oxidating tin so a shine or two in your makes no difference at all!
    I get mine colored every 4 wks! I'm too scared to see what it REALLY looks like! but--- i'm a whole 2 years old than you! and a whole lot more water under the bridge. No one sees the hair when seeing you- we see your heart. Take care!

  4. Ah Kat, I've never been brave enough for a do-it-yourself hair color. I get my highlights at the salon. It does cost more, but I figure if it's not right the stylist will fix it free.

  5. Funny, I've been thinking about coloring my hair again but gosh, then I'd have to keep up with it and I would rather buy fabric......so it's light brown with grey highlights for me! :) It's hair, it will grow back. You might even like it in a day or 2.

  6. Most of us have a hair-coloring nightmare. My SIL turned mine a horrendious cross between pink and orange years ago...

    I was disappointed you didn't share a picture...then again, I doubt I would have shared one. oxo Judy


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