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Monday, March 5, 2012

I’m Back!

It was loads of fun (the SIL Quilt Retreat)!  You will NOT see any pictures right now because…

What happens at SIL Retreat STAYS at retreat!  Not really… the reason you will not see pictures is because the rechargeable batteries I charged up and placed in my camera did not hold the charge, so my camera was DOA when I needed it.  So sorry!

BUT, one SIL is going to email me pics she took.  In addition, sometime (in the next day or 2) I will lay out all TWENTY of the new Farmer’s Wife blocks I completed and take a picture of them.  Yes!  20 more!!  That means I now have 40 six-inch blocks, which sounds impressive until you remember that this quilt requires 112 blocks.  Almost 1/3 of the way done… in 2 months.  I’m way ahead of my old schedule which would get this done in one year.  My new goal is to have all blocks made and ready to put together by the time my guild goes to our Texas quilt retreat in mid-July.

My two SILs also got lots done, so I’ll share that, also, when I get a chance.

Now, I am off to Scrap Therapy group.  Gee, I wish I had some “quilty” things to do in my daily life.  HAHA!

Have a wonderful day, and be BLESSED!



  1. I'd say you are making wonderful progress on your blocks and before long you will have more than half of them finished. Not having photos just makes me more anxious to see the blocks.

  2. You did get a lot done! I look forward to seeing the pics your SIL sends you...and the one's of your farmer's wife blocks.

    Hope you have a grand time a your scrap therapy group...oxo Judy


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