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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Battle Rages

UGGGHHHH!  I want to be quilting, or knitting, or just about anything other than what faces me!  Can’t you tell?  Here I am sitting down in the middle of the day doing a blog post… procrastinating on returning to the battle field!  No pictures with this post… you really don’t want a visual of this.

There is a battle raging at my house.  Those pesky little 6-legged, hopping, biting things called fleas have decided to move in with us.  I knew it was coming with all the rain we have had… it produced a bumper crop of fleas outside.  It doesn’t help that PJ, our pampered pooch, freely roams from outside to the inside.  It also does not help that her favorite spot to go during warmer weather is WAAAYYYYYYY under the house where no human can reach to do anything about what critters might be residing there.

DH has closed all access points to underneath the house… PJ is not happy about that.  He has mowed and spread bug granules over the yard.  He has sprayed all porches, edges of the house, favorite sitting/lying down spots of all our critters.  Today I am vacuuming, spraying upholstery, fogging some rooms, washing all bedding, PJ covers (She loves to lie on her own special quilts and be covered by her own special covers.  Did I mention she was a pampered pooch?)

Since we don’t have carpet to deal with, hopefully this will take care of things without having to fog the entire house, but only a few days will tell us if that is so. 

UGGGHHHHH!  Did I mention I’d rather be quilting, or knitting?  This too will pass.   Sword (bug spray)? CHECK!  Shield (vacuum cleaner)? CHECK!  Cannon (fogger)? CHECK!  Looks like all weapons are gathered and I must get back to the battle… I feel like I am fighting Goliath!

Be blessed today, regardless of what battle you are fighting.  If God be for us, who can be against us?



  1. Yikes! Your plan of attack sounds like a good one, and you will win this battle.

  2. If it weren't raining down there, I 'd recommend DE- Diatomaceous EArth. It's non-toxic & you just sprinkle it around where the dog lies. Miss you!

  3. We tried a new flea control product and have been pretty impressed with it. It's a tablet you give once a month called Comfortis. So far, it has worked like a charm.


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