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Saturday, September 1, 2012

In Praise of the Redneck!

Honestly, the picture below shows the opinion of most of the world about rednecks.  I realize this is just in jest, and I do consider it funny, too!  BUT, the poor redneck has been given a bad rap.  Today I will convince you of that!Redneck smoke det

Most folks think of rednecks as lazy, trashing up their yards with junker cars, beer guzzling, gun slinging, cussing fools.  Now WHERE would they get that idea?  From movies and reality shows, for sure.

My least favorite of the reality shows set in our area is the “My Big Redneck Vacation”.  I’ve only watched it a couple of times because that is about all of that foolishness I can stand.  We are portrayed as drinking around the clock, passing gas without any modesty, doing really stupid and even dangerous things, destroying property and not thinking twice about it, and having no class whatsoever.  Although I realize these are characteristics of MANY young people in MANY cultures, I assure you that this is NOT the way mature rednecks work.

Mature rednecks are creative and resourceful, because they may NOT have the expensive gadgets that others have.  It might well be the reason they don’t have the expensive toy is because they just choose not to spend their money that way… not that they are poor and can’t afford it.


How would YOU get to muscadines that are way too high to be reached with a ladder?  DH has it all figured out!


Take your tractor with front-end loader, securely strap this double-stacked basket apparatus (created from metal baskets purchased at the paper mill salvage yard),


climb into the top basket, then get your wife to operate the tractor and lift you up to where the muscadines are.  Ours were growing WWAAAYYYYY up in a large pine tree.


No problem now, because you are now located about 20 feet up in the air!


YUM!  These muscadines are so good!

You might be wondering why the baskets have this cammo mesh on them… This also doubles as a portable deer stand.  Secure it to a nice size tree with straps, climb up the side of the metal, and you are all set to go!

SEE… I TOLD you we were resourceful  and creative.  My DH has been blessed with great “improvising” skills!  And yes we do have what others would consider “junk” (he calls it his “innovation pile”) but it is not lying around our front yard in an unkempt manner.  He has it more or less organized down by the barn where he has easy access and it is not unsightly. 

Yes, he hunts and quite often has a gun with him, but he is not blasting things just for the fun of it…  his hunting puts meat on the table. 

Now the passing gas thing…. I’m not EVEN going there!



  1. I love it! Boy, we could have used that cage a few time when picking apples - the best fruit is always out of reach.


  2. We were pretty close. Hubby said picking apples. I think we all need to treasure our redneckedness (new word!) which I take to mean as resourceful and clever and frugal and smart. We have one of those cages but it is around a tank.

  3. I love rednecks! Since living in the country we are seeing the world from new glasses and it looks pretty good. Our firsthand experience of rednecks is pretty grand; our good friends :) have kept us supplied with firewood, fruit off of trees and vines,and vegetables from the gardens. YUM!
    My parents and grandparents grew up in the country and farmed the land, grew their own meat, or hunted for it, and actually had a great life.
    One observation I have made is this... if the economy goes bust, living in the country will be the place to be.
    Now, the thing about the gas... I'm with you, and we won't even go there.


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