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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Socks In A Week…

And Other Knitting Feats Beyond Belief!

Yes, really.  I did knit a pair of socks in one week!  I knit while watching TV, and football is a wonderful opportunity for knitting.  So what does this accomplishment tell you?  I have been watching WAY too much football, but it will soon be over.103_0814

The pattern is “Circle Socks”, a free pattern from Ravelry.  The yarn is Lion Brand Sock-Ease.


I have been knitting up a storm, and a lot of it was for gifting.


Pedi Socks for my Katie Bug from a yarn that pooled too much in my size.  She loves them!


Socks for my step-father… finished 5 minutes AFTER they said, “Let’s open presents now!”


The Reader’s Wrap, finished, blocked, and gifted to a friend.  (That is my sock blocker sticking into the pocket so you will notice how pretty they came out!)


Three crocheted shawls to leave at church so those of us that are cold-natured can be comfortable while the hot- natured ones have the air going.  I have yarn for another one but it will have to wait until I get over my knitting frenzy.


I played around with the Slipper Purse pattern (another free Ravelry pattern).  I am still working on getting it to come out the right size.  I have made one that was way too large and another that was way too small… hopefully the next attempt will get it right.


I am working on finishing up this pair of socks started in October.  I really did not like the yarn (It was sale yarn, so that excuses me for choosing this.) and it was so very boring knit in plain stockinet stitch.


I debated abandoning the project, but I just don’t do that.  So I ripped back to the gusset decreases and worked the “Simple Skyp” pattern, another free Ravelry pattern.  I LOVE doing this pattern, and it is keeping my interest enough to go ahead and finish the pair. 


One sock is complete and I am working on the foot for the next one.

And I have knit 1 fingerless mitt for myself.  I promise pictures when they are finished.  I am hoping to get the other one done soon… having only one is useless, so I will try to have the 2nd one done before really cold weather returns.

And there you have it… knitting up a storm.  I have to because… (SSHHHHHH!  Don’t tell, but my KnitPicks order of more yarn should be here soon… I am SOOO weak when they flash the S-A-L-E word around.)

Happy knitting, or sewing, or whatever you are finding to do on this wonderful, rainy day.



  1. Wow, you have been a knitting up storm! I love all the socks - so pretty. The purse slippers look interesting - I've seen them on other blogs and wondered how they fit. Maybe I'll try the pattern someday.

    Lots of knitting happening here, too, but mostly baby blankets.

  2. Wow thats a lot of knitting. I knit a pair of socks on 9 days they were for son so I could knit a pair for me in a week. I too have been spending too much time in front of the tv I am also waiting for my sale box from knit picks
    happy knitting

  3. "because I just dont do that"....I Love it. Im so monogamous with my knitting I am like that a bit too.

    I love your CIRCLE socks. THey look so difficult to knit.
    YOu are way ahead for the new year!!!!
    Never can be too much knitting time

  4. One of these days I'd like to tackle making a pair of socks. I've thought about taking a class. New yarn! Now that's a delivery to look forward to!

    Judy in MS


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