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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Today…. and Tomorrow


Today I am planning, gathering, organizing, gathering some more, loading the car in between rain showers (for which we are very thankful!).


Very early tomorrow, I will pick up my best bud and we will head to Cold Spring, TX.  Yes, it is THAT time of year again… RED BARN RETREAT!!

So please pardon my blogging absence (Like I haven’t been absent WAYYYY too much this year?) and know that when I return I will share the fun with you.


And when I return I will explain the picture you see above, because this will play a major part in my main project for retreat.  Now how’s THAT for a teaser?

Have a wonderful week.  Wish you could all come with us!



  1. Ohhhh, this looks to me like some hand dyed! Can't wait to see. Have a blast at retreat.

  2. Where, please, is this REd Barn? How many of you are going? And you're going to knit? Aren't you going to sew? I've never been on a retreat, you know. Never! However--- I am going on my 1st one in Sept. 10 of us are going all the way to Gainesville, TX (about an hour from Ardmore) to spend Friday, Saturday, and come home Sunday. Gosh! I hope I can take 2-1/2 days of sewing! LOL
    Have a great time on your retreat, Kat!

  3. Enjoy and take LOTS of photos so we can share some of the fun!


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