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Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's Not My Fault...

... Blame my friend Marty. No, I was NOT interested in starting a blog. But then I started reading my niece, Salinda's blog. I was tempted, but Marty pushed me over the edge.

You see, tonight I discovered that she has been blogging for several weeks now. Her beautiful quilting work is displayed and discussed. WHAT FUN! I can keep up with my friend in my oh-so-little-spare time (OSLST) by just clicking a link!

But then, wheels started turning, impulse stuck, and here I am, writing my first blog, which 30 minutes ago I did not think I would ever be interested in doing.

Marty, are you out there? It's all YOUR fault!

What do I hope to accomplish? I hope that I can keep in touch with quilting friends (and others) through this simple means. It might also be a means of getting feedback on some of my quilting projects. And I think it will really be lots of fun. Now the down-side... is my life interesting enough for others to want to check my blog out? We'll soon see. Then there is the "making friends with my digital camera" thing. Of COURSE I know how to use it... I just procrastinate on loading the pics from my camera onto the computer and DEALING with them. Perhaps this will give me more incentive to be timely with this task, in the OSLST that I have.

Enough for tonight! Tomorrow I will probably say, "Now WHY did I do that?" No regrets, and perhaps not a lot of posting. Marty has been so prolific, she is a hard act to follow! But I will try to post a couple of times a week, and eventually in my OSLST, get some pictures and bio info posted.

Good night, and happy blogging! Marty, are you out there? IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!

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  1. Kathy, I'm smiling. Lay it on me...I take full responsibility. I am so proud of you for taking the leap. You know, temporary insanity is not all bad. We'll all love keeping up on your life, news, quilting. Your best blog follower....Marty


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