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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So what are we all talking (I mean blogging) about? GEE... when I started this a few days ago I had no idea of 1). How many new friends I would meet, 2) How much time I could spend at the computer and ignore other things that I need to be doing.

But like a kid with a new toy, it is hard to walk away from here and do what needs to be done right now. And today I discovered a whole NEW world... GADGETS for your blog! I am an admitted "gadget freak". I LOVE gadgets, especially quilt-related ones. I have a whole collection, stashed somewhere in this house, that I can never find when I come across the perfect time to use it (like the fine tips for Elmer's glue that Sharon Schamber sells... it is here somewhere, and I needed it this week to glue down the binding on a quilt and jacket... but after 30 minutes of looking we instituted Plan B - barely open the glue and hope for the best.)

Now I have found all these add-ons for my blog. That means the look will be changing from day to day as I discover more cool things. My question is... do you ever actually FINISH getting a blog set up? Or is there always some new, cool something you need to add? I am suspecting the later is the case!

So now that we are on the subject of gadgets, let's talk QUILTING gadgets. I KNOW you have favorites and so do I (I also have some that just did not work as I expected it too, like the rotary cutter designed to cut 2 strips at one time). So what is your very-most-awesome-favorite-can't-do-without gadget?

Mine is probably the Salem "Square-Up" rulers. They come in 2 different sizes and are wonderful for squaring the corners of quilts and large blocks. (Did I mention that I am rather anal about squaring things? I just can't help it... it bugs me when I notice that a corner of a block or border or quilt is not square!) When I get a chance I will snap a picture and post it for those who are not familiar with this ruler.

Other things I enjoy using: lately, the CurveMaster presser foot. I am in the process of making a "Glorified 9-Patch" quilt which is all curved piecing. This foot really does make it easier. And also to go with that project, I purchase my first good, brass stiletto. I've tried the wooden skewer thing, but it just does not work as well as a good metal one with a very sharp point. My advise to all... just go ahead and spend $15 and get a good one. It will last you the rest of your life! (But do be careful how you wear it... I place mine on a slender ribbon and hang it around my neck. It is always within a quick reach that way. However, it can also be very uncomfortable should you lean against the table or reach down to pick up something... OUCH!)

Enough from me... I MUST go get busy with the next quilt, then make a trip to town to deliver quilts and visit Mom this afternoon.

Please post YOUR favorite gadgets here... I'm always looking for other ways to spend my hard-earned money.

Have a wonderful, quilty day. And SHARE something with someone today... even if it is just advice on a new quilt "toy" we all need!



  1. For me its the rotary cutter, the self-healing mat, and the Janome 6500. Just learned about them after ten years of not quilting.

  2. Good Wednesday morning Kathy....you are right about the time that can be spent installing computer gadgets. I've finally gotten so much figured out. Very liberating.

    I really think my most favorite quilting gadget is the needle felting foot. I was doing my needle felting by hand. Needless to say was not doing very much. So fast and fun to needle felt now. Which of course, makes me want to add to my wish list....the needle felting sewing machine. I've seen them advertised.

  3. Hi Cathy
    Your blog and postings are awesome. Are you sure you are a new blogger? LOL My favorite ruler or gadget is probably the Shape Cut ruler. Thanks for stopping by at my blog....I will definitely visit your blog again. Have fun in blogging world,


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