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Monday, February 23, 2009

New COLORFUL Spring Tradition...

WHAT A HOOT!! Check out Ami Simms' blog . She is offering to dye your panties for you! This is her spring tradition, and now she is willing to spread the joy around.

I must admit that I was tempted, but then I did not want to mail my "much-bigger-than-I-want-to-fess-up-to" size drawers off to Michigan and pay $5 to have them shipped back to me. But then the wheels started turning....

My SIL, and her other SIL, and myself will be having our quarterly SIL Quilt Retreat at the lake camp this weekend. I have fabric paints, brushes... a quick call to them both, and now WE are going to paint our undies as part of our retreat.

I can just see the looks on people's faces as they drive by... "Ethyl, did you see THAT?" Brightly colored undies will decorate the hanging line on the front porch (I'll apologize ahead of time to folks that think this should be in the back yard... there IS NO BACK YARD at that property!!), and OURS will not be single-colored. Since we are painting, anything goes.

I PROMISE to take pictures and post when we are done as long as YOU promise not to make any snide comments about the SIZE of the "unmentionables" (as my Mamaw used to call them).

The other thing you can do.... Pray for good weather. Fabric painting and wet, cold, windy days don't go together well.

And there might even be a few MEN in the family that are making fun of us ,that will get their own custom-painted pair of briefs!!! So guys, WATCH WHAT YOU SAY!!

Ah, Spring... flowers blooming, bees buzzing, and UNDIES GETTING PAINTED! I think WE may just start our own spring tradition!

Please wear your SMILE today! It will spread joy to all those you come in contact with.


  1. dear kathy,
    are you nuts!
    love adam

    ps. (Salinda typing now between huge gasp of laughter and rolling on the floor) I think he's actually wishing I'd paint mine too! ;)

  2. Well, I wish Adam would tell us what he really thinks! Ha!
    It's never a dull moment with you Kat.
    Love you,

  3. Kathy, I'm still grinning....can't wait to see pics of the colorful clothesline. Yes, you promised us!!


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