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Thursday, November 5, 2009

I’m Out’a Here (Again)!

I know… you are thinking, “Does she EVER stay home and work?”  Yes, I work very hard when here, and I am here MOST of the time.  I just tell YOU ALL about the times I do get to go away.

Tomorrow morning as early as I can get my things loaded and out the door, I will be gone to our next Sister-In-Law Retreat!  We go to our family camp on Toledo Bend Reservoir, and stay a few days to sew, visit, eat, plan, laugh, and laugh, and laugh some more.  It is a very refreshing time plus we get to work uninterrupted (for the most part) on our chosen projects.

I PROMISE to take pictures to share, I really do!!  If nothing else I can share our wonderful menu with you.  We pitch in and each bring a few things, throw it all out on the table, and eat all weekend.  SIL is bringing “Black Bean Lasagna”, a meatless dish, plus salad and bread.  I’m taking cheesecake and corn chowder.   Deb will also contribute items for sandwiches, and we will be set.

This one will be a short retreat for me… I’ll be back home late Saturday evening so I can get off to church on time Sunday morning.  It is just very hard to get all my things loaded and get away on Sunday morning from the camp… I’ve tried it.  So I’ll stay as late as I want to on Saturday with a clear conscience and hopefully accomplish a lot.

What am I working on?  Glad you asked!  I am hoping to FINISH the secret Christmas present for a secret somebody.  It has 9-patch blocks and snowball blocks.  The 60 9-patches are done, so now I will do the 60 snowball blocks, and hopefully get this put together.  Of course, then it will need quilting before Christmas… that may prove a bit more difficult that getting the sewing done! 

Why?  Because I am now officially 2-weeks behind in my quilting schedule… UUGGGHHH!  That means when I return I will really have to get B-U-S-Y and stop letting small things (like preparing food, washing clothes, and trying to keep the sandy-dirt out of the house) drag me away from the quilting machine!  Who needs food… that’s what they make sandwich meat and canned soup for!  (I hope DH agrees with this!)

I’m so far behind on reading blogs that I have lost track with some of you.  I’m at the point of just marking them all read in Google Reader, and starting fresh with what is going on in your lives.

So I’m off!  I hope you each have a great weekend, too.  See in back in Blogville sometime Sunday afternoon, I hope.


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