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Sunday, November 22, 2009

What was I Thinking?

What WAS I thinking when I decided to start a second blog?  What made me believe I had the time to keep 2 of them going?  I have finally woken up and realized that it just is not going to happen, so on the first of the year I will be combining my second blog, “Enjoying the Journey” back into my Fancy Stitching News.  That means that my posts won’t just be quilt related, but I will also be sharing the spiritual side of my life here with you.

I’m disappointed with myself that I have let the posting to “Enjoying the Journey” languish… it is a journal of “thankfulness”, and I REALLY AM thankful for many things, but I have difficulty getting over then to do additional posts as I had planned.  Rather than beating myself up over it, I’m just going to be a realist and face up to the facts… little time for blogging means I must streamline, and this is the best way that I can come up with.

Now you will understand when changes start appearing here… I MUST bring the wonderful sunrise picture (taken during a trip to the Copper Canyon in Mexico last year) over here, and I’ll be moving a few other things over, also.

So watch for changes coming soon, and I hope you enjoy them.

And… today I am thankful for… My pastor and his wife.  They have been away for the last 10 days or so, and we really miss them!  Because our congregation is small we really miss their 2 extra voices during worship.  Not only is church just not the same without them, I also bowl with Paula.  Her mom and I did not do so well last week without her.  I’m so thankful she is back home… Maybe our team (the River Chicks – so named because our church is called Rivers of Water) can really roll this week and regain our 1st place position in the league.


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