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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Here I am...

Just checking in. It did not SEEM like it has been a week since my last post, but it has. So what has kept me busy?

Olympics... I watch every night, while sitting in my Lazy Gal chair, propped up, knitting socks. I am almost done with my second pair... I'll post pictures as soon as they are completed.

Gussie Fay.... I think the mystery is almost solved! (I watched some more NCIS. "Jethro" taught me everything I know.) I redid the timing of the rocking finger and we are MUCH better. I see an occasional tug on the thread but I am not finding loops on the back. A little fine tuning and I should be fixed. YYYYAAAAHHHH!!!!

New dog.... a stray, although I really think it belongs to someone close by. It is an older dog and appears to be part collie and part Catahoula curr... just picture that. So that would make it a.....
coll-ahoula! But DH says it would be a catahollie. Either way, it is a large, long-haired dog with a very sweet disposition. It is all DH's fault. He mentioned about the pretty dog hanging around. When I went to investigate we fell in love with each other... he really wants lots of petting. NOPE... we did not plan on getting another dog, but PJ (our doberman mix?) is really enjoying having a playmate. I'll post pics soon. I need to take pics to post to see if we can find the owner of "Laddie", and if not, we will probably keep him. I see lots of dog grooming in my future.. UGH! I certainly hadn't planned on that! I guess it is the price we pay when a dog is so sweet you can't bear to THINK of it going hungry and being cold.

TAXES: YUCK! Today is the day... DH informed me the time has come to "get it all together", so that is what I am doing today and tomorrow.

Quilt Show: Friday daughter Jenn and I will venture to West Monroe, LA (weather permitting... they are saying snow AGAIN for Friday!) for their local guild quilt show at the West Monroe Convention Center. It will run through Saturday, also, if you can make it over that way!

Must run... the TAX man cometh!!

Be blessed! And I hope you are having the beautiful sunshine we have here today!


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  1. How great that you gave that dog a home, even if it is temporary. Is he still living with you? The Olympics have been sucking away my sleep! And holding me in my chair! But lots have knitting has been getting done so it isn't all bad.


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