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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My BMFF Again!

(BMFF = Best Mechanical Friend Forever)

Gussie Fay is back in my good graces… NO LOOPS!!

A HUGE batik quilt was quilted today… NO LOOPS!!


(Panto, “Climbing Rose” by Sophie Collier)

Did I mention that Gussie Fay is leaving NO LOOPS these days??

I’m sorry… I’m so excited about this development that I just can’t contain myself!  After wrestling with her  for a L-O-N-G time now, I am thrilled that this issue is finally figured out.

What fixed it?  A larger size needle (I traded in the size 4 for a 5, and the planets moved into alignment.).  I knew all along that the loops were caused by the thread hanging somewhere… I just thought it was in the bobbin area (and really, it probably was hanging there some before her trip to Vicksburg).  Actually, due to thread inconsistencies (thick and thin spots on the threads, little “donuts” of fuzz called “slubs”, etc.) I have decided the thread was hanging at the eye of the needle, then releasing a wad of thread when tension finally pulled it free.

Is that TMI for you?  Sorry… I’m just so excited… I had gotten to the point I actually dreaded walking in the room with her.  Now I am again excited about quilting.

YOU GO, GUSSIE FAY!  You still rule as my BMFF!!  So stay tuned for more great quilts coming up.  I think I will give Gussie Fay an extra drink of oil as a treat for her good work!



  1. Told you she would get it together. She just wanted to see how much you would miss her!!!! So glad she is back!

  2. I'm glad you found a solution to her loopiness. I'm going to write this one down in my manual on the check these things before calling list. Have a blast with your BFF. ;-)


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