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Thursday, May 20, 2010


I KNEW it was going to happen one day, and it did…  As a result I have had to “frog” a whole row of rather intricate quilting.  UGGGHHH!!

I often use leftover bobbins to stitch down the edges of the quilt.  I can’t stand to waste this thread, and it also help conserve the thread on the bobbins I have wound.  Sometimes I have gotten to the very end of the quilt only to discover that I am 10” short of what is needed, and have to wind a bobbin for that small amount of remaining quilting.

I used a “different” but very similar in color thread to stitch down the top edge and sides of a quilt.  The phone rang, I talked, I walked into my office and scheduled a quilt appointment, I returned to my quilt room, and quilted the end filler and first pass of the pantograph.  Hmmm… I better check and see how much thread is left on that bobbin.  HORRORS!!!  I forgot to change the bobbin to the taupe thread I was using on the top!  And this is a CUSTOMER quilt, not my own.  Have I said, “UGGGHHHHH!”?

I have spent just over 6 hours of “frogging” to fix this “little” oversight… bet I don’t make THAT mistake again (but I can come up with some other equally ridiculous mistake to take its place!)!!!!So I am now ready to re-do the quilting on that one row, sew on the binding, and it is good to go.

Kick, Kick, Kick, Kick, Kick!  I should have known better!

CHANGING SUBJECTS:     And I am sure you are asking, “Where are the pictures from your south Louisiana trip you promised LAST WEEK?”  Well you know me, they are still in the camera.  Business has picked up and I am running from one thing to another right now, but I will hopefully have time this weekend to upload those…

right after I (read that as DH with me slightly assisting because I know precious little about all this technology) install a new wireless router and wireless 4-in-one printer for my laptop.  (YAH! I’ll have flexibility and a fax machine!!)  The old printer finally semi-died after about 12 years.  I feel like we need to hold a memorial service for it because it has been in the family so long!

Have a blessed day, free from any “Oopses”.  (And spell-check does not like that word oopses, but YOU know what I am talking about, don’t you!!)  And for a smile, chuckle, and a “lift” today, check Judy Laquidara’s post, and especially the video at the bottom of the post… I promise you will smile at this little girl!



  1. Hi, and thanks for checking in with us even if it to declare a swift kick, plus four, in your ole pants. I'm sure the final result is beautiful....as all your quilting is!

  2. Hey---I am still impressed. I made a mistake last year and STILL haven't finished "frogging". Have a wonderful day!!!

  3. Love the positive daily affirmation video! Is that great, or what? Just think what God could do in our lives if we started each day telling Him all the things we liked about Him and what He has given us, and then change it up a little and tell ourselves we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.
    It was awesome, and God can use a personality like that!!!
    By the way, great time last night... and who was the big winner??? And dad was saying how much he really enjoyed Wednesday night. Thanks for ministering life.
    Bless you!

  4. well.....sorry for having to frog....

    My mother lives in Rodessa, La....


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