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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

YUM-YUM! & Blog Give-Away

This is what we ate yesterday.  It is truly the fruit of our DH’s labor!  Fried deer tenderloin, new potatoes in cream sauce (OK… it’s a little “clumpy” looking because these were left-overs, but it was still delish!), and our very first fresh squash of the season.  YUMMO!


More wonderful things will soon be added to our menu… 1 zucchini  should be ready today (which means we will soon have zucchini out our ears), 1 eggplant is ready to eat, P5250539

grape tomatoes will soon be turning, P5250543

peppers are growing,        


beans are beaning, corn is corning, cukes are cuking, peas are (Hmmm… not going there!) …

BUT the okra is not growing much.  DH must have planted about 75 okra plants.  That is what you see in the front rows of the picture below.  Needless to say, we will have lot to share if they get going.  Lots happening in the garden right now…


But mostly a lot of WATERING is happening.  We are in near-drought conditions here.  We have not had any decent amount of rainfall in several months and the gardens are suffering.  As a result just about every day DH waters one of the 3 garden spots we have.  Lord, PLEASE send RAIN… SOON!  P5250546

Taking a quick glance at the sitemeter box on my blog tells me I will soon be hitting my 10,000 visitor and this calls for another give-away.  I am in the process of gathering/making things for this.  Sometime next week I will post an entry page and the drawing will be held around mid-June.  More details later… don’t miss it!   Keep checking back!!

May you have a really blessed day, and I hope YOU are enjoying garden blessings, too (whether from your garden, a friend’s, or from the local store… it’s all good!).



  1. I am so envious of all of your garden produce. Just barely warm enough here to PLANT the garden.

    Enjoy your garden's bounty!

  2. Hi Kathy!
    We do need rain. It gets so frustrating to see rain coming, and then splitting off and going around us...

  3. It is raining currently in Sabine Parish...hopefully it will make it your way.


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