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Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Adventures of “Flat Debbie”

Subtitle:  What we did at SIL Retreat.

It was loads of fun!  Since the REAL Debbie was not going to be able to attend we decided to let “Flat Debbie” join in our fun!100_3024

Our retreat location is noted for having some “interesting” people hanging around!  This weekend it was just a few quilters with goals of sewing, visiting, and eating all 3 days.


Flat Debbie did not waste any time getting settled in.  “AHHH, this bed is so soft!!”


Remember I told you I was doing some crafting last week?  I created 4 collapsible trash boxes and shared them with my SILs. Flat Debbie really did like these.


SURPRISE!  REAL Debbie DID show up for supper and a little quilting on the first night.


Friday morning we headed to Hemphill, TX.  Flat Debbie rode “shotgun”.  That gal must REALLY like ironing!  She carried that iron everywhere she went this weekend!


Our destination was Cedar Tree Nest Quilt Shop. 


Lots of LOVELY stuff there!  Flat Debbie had a great time browsing for fabric.  She did not buy anything, but Mary Anne and I did.


Flat Debbie is admiring my purchases… the blue fabric is for binding on the hand-quilted customer quilt I am working on.  The batik swirl is for a batik wonky-house quilt I want to make.  This will make fabulous borders.


Let’s eat!  Hemphill Bar-B-Q was wonderful!  I forgot to take a picture of Flat Debbie eating.  I don’t think she had much of an appetite, but M.A. and I wasted no time in gobbling down the BBQ sandwich plate we each got.


Flat Debbie really enjoyed this backdrop!


As soon as we got back to the camp it was coffee time.  I shared my coffee and treat with Flat Debbie.  Thankfully she is not a heavy drinker, because after staying up late the night before I needed every drop of that caffeine!  Afterwards we both got really busy.  M.A. and I sewed all Friday afternoon, and all day Saturday.  We got so much done!


Above is M.A.’s sailboat quilt made using a jelly roll plus a few other fabrics.  SOOOO cute!  Start to finish, she got the whole thing done at retreat!  I am sorry there are no pictures of M.A.  She declined all photo ops.

I made wonderful progress on Jeremy’s quilt.  I am almost done putting the body of the quilt together.  I will get this finished next week when I go to another quilt retreat.  I’ll show you pics next week.


SURPRISE!  My niece Salinda joined us for Saturday!  She had a great visit with Flat Debbie.  This young lady used the “never” word once, and it caught up with her.  It was something to the effect of, “I will never be a quilter.”


HMMMMMM!  This looks a lot like a quilt to me, Salinda!!  She had the borders finished and it was ready for quilting by early afternoon.  Way to go, Salinda!!

We really missed the real Debbie, but we were glad to have Flat Debbie accompany us.  Hopefully next time the REAL DEAL DEBBIE will be able to come.  Next time?  Yes, we are already looking at our calendars to see if we can fit another SIL Retreat in soon.

Be blessed!



  1. That pretty much sums it up!!! We had a great time!

  2. You girls are fun!!! Debbie sure missed out on everything... bet she doesn't do that again. Bless you!

  3. Hilarious!!!!! Flat Debbie and her iron! I'll be thinking of this all day. Sounds like you all had a blast.

  4. Your friend 'Flat Debbie' made me laugh.


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