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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Excuses, Excuses…

Top 10 excuses for not blogging this week…

10. I am too pooped out after quilt retreat.

9. I was a bad blogger and took no pictures at quilt retreat. Now I am too embarrassed to mention retreat because I know someone will say, “Where are the pictures?”

8. Jeremy’s quilt is MADE, but it is so big I can’t get a good picture of it, so I haven’t posted.

7. A new quilt was started, but it is not one of my UFOs so I’m keeping it under wraps for now. I’ll let the cat out of the bag soon.

6. Easter preparations are under way… Today I am making cornbread for the dressing (8 packs of cornbread). I will take that to mom tomorrow and she will make the dressing for our Sunday family get-together. There will be about 30 of us there… it takes a BUNCH of dressing!

5. Easter preparations are under way part II… I also have to take a cake. I have no idea WHAT kind of cake to take. Today I will pour over recipes to see if something strikes my fancy. Jenn suggested pineapple-coconut, my favorite. But there are some people in my family that don’t like coconut, so I really need to take something else. Of course, there are some people in my family that don’t like chocolate… I am ignoring those ridiculous folks and will probably take chocolate cake of some sorts simply because it goes so well with coffee after a meal.

4. Quilts are POURING in the door. I prayed for more business, and things have REALLY picked up!

3. I have 2 HUGE custom quilts (I just told DH I was NOT doing any more custom… never say “Never” or “Not”. Didn’t I just post about that a few times ago? Obviously I did NOT (oops… there is THAT word again!) learn from that mistake!

2. Both custom quilts have very pressing deadlines, and my brain just is not flowing on what to quilt on one of them… the one with the MOST pressing deadline.

And, the number 1 excuse for not blogging is…

1. I’m a blogging slacker. I’ll admit it. THERE, I said it. Glad that is out in the open, you all know it, and now you won’t be expecting any posts from me and will be greatly excited when I do actually get a post up.

Have a great week and a wonderfully blessed Easter/Resurrection Sunday! HE IS ALIVE!



  1. I guess Gussie made it through her reconditioning and ready to work.

    You are juggling a lot right now. Make sure to take a breath ever now and then.

  2. I am confident that you will get the most incredible inspiration for the quilt! Please show me a pic before you send it off. Love you!!!! You are blessed and highly favored of the Lord!

  3. I think I'm a blogging slacker sister. Just like my quilting..sometimes the blog ideas FLOW. And sometimes they DON"T! good luck on the quilt ideas.


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