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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Could Be Quilting…

But I’m not.  I have decided to actually do a blog post of unusual quilts I have done.

I could be showing you pictures of 2 really unusual quilts I did, but I’m not.  I did a totally STUPID thing when transferring them from one album to another and they are forever gone!  One was a quilt made from real FLAGS from foreign countries.  A missionary collected the flags and a customer pieced this into a quilt… double sided with flags.  It was most unusual… so sorry you can’t see it.       The other one was a baby quilt made from bibs, shirts, and onesies.  The customer cut out the cute pictures and sayings (such as, “Baby’s First Christmas, Baby’s first Halloween”, etc.) and appliqued them on quilt blocks.  It turned out SOOOO cute and unusual!!  SIGH…  I know… a picture is worth a thousand words!

I could be quilting, but I am not.  I AM kicking myself 5 times for being so STUPID on this!  KICK-KICK-KICK-KICK-KICK!  Quilt pictures are not the only things I lost… some hunting pictures, customer quilt pictures, other assorted stuff that I wanted to keep.  UUUGGGHHH!  That’s what I get for trying to organize my thousands of pictures without proper knowledge!  Some of the older ones may be retrievable from backups… we will see.

I could be quilting, but I’m not.  I decided to save my strength for dancing tonight.  DH and I are taking Cajun dance lessons at NSU.  We are making progress.  Our heads know what to do, but that does not always connect with our feet.  BUT we ARE having lots of fun and getting some exercise, too.

I could be quilting, but I’m not.  I decided today is the day I start plowing through the stacks of things in my office/sewing room to get it in some sort of organization.  (Actually, I am doing that today because I am looking for my other Cajun Dance Music CD, which I REALLY need!  See above paragraph.)  This will probably require me to totally unload the whole room and start over with placing things in some logical order so I can perhaps actually FIND things when I am through.  Why am I such a pack rat??  I promised #1 son I would have the computer area cleaned out by the time he gets back from offshore, Sept. 1.  I have a deadline!  SHEESH!  Why didn’t I tell him I would have it done by CHRISTMAS instead?

I could be quilting, but I’m not.  Instead I am taking pictures of socks just so I have a few pictures to post with this.  I know you are tired of posts with no pictures! So here they are…  Of course, you are probably tired of sock pictures too, because that seems to be the only things I am posting lately.  Hang tight… other pictures are coming soon, if I don’t accidently send them to the recycle bin before I can get them posted,


Top pair:  Felici Rainbow.  I LOVE these.  (These are the pair of socks for August… all done.)

Bottom pair:  handpainted Tree Fort, the pair for July.

And you know I can’t go without something on the knitting needles, so I cast on 2 pair.


The red pair is for me… cotton yarn with color accent strips.  The purple pair is for Katie Bug.  I’ve had a bit of a set-back on them… when she tried them on last night we discovered they were way too tight, so I had to rip WWAAAYYYY back on them and increase the size.  I was almost through with it!!  Now I get to do it “re-over-again”, as my Mom says.

The next post will contain QUILT PICTURES, I promise!!  I actually have finished several of my quilts in the last month, so I will share those with you (and try not to lose the pictures in the meantime!)

Be blessed!



  1. Great-looking socks.

    How great that you are taking dancing lessons. Have a lot of FUN.

  2. I love the tree fort socks the best!


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