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Monday, July 25, 2011

The Tale of SOMEONE and the OTHER ONE

SOMEONE decided we might need some new toys.  The OTHER ONE agreed that sounded like something fun.

So, on Saturday we made another trip to Lafayette, LA to Pack & Paddle to test drive sit-on-top kayaks.


Meet Ben.


Ben brought lots of “toys” for us to check out.103_0155

Meet Bo.  Bo assisted us with the demo…


in this swampy section of Lake Martin, complete with an alligator. (CHOOT ‘EM!… obviously I have been watching too much Swamp People!)


We looked, we paddled, we pedaled. 


These 2  twelve-foot, sit-on-top kayaks just really wanted to come home with us, so we obliged them.  The camo  boat is SOMEONE’S, and the olive boat (complete with a pedal system) is the OTHER ONE’S.

Sunday after church we loaded up and went to a local lake.  SOMEONE got wet trying to get into his kayak.  The OTHER ONE almost got wet, but managed to park herself in the kayak without going into the drink.


This is the view from the OTHER ONE’S kayak… the fish weren’t biting, so I took some time to snap a few photos.  Note the pedals… this is almost like riding a bike, and the kayak really SCOOTS across the water.  There is a little lever that controls the rudder so you can steer.  It is really NEAT!


Here is SOMEONE, fishing and having fun.  (Actually, he was picking out a back-lash, but you get the idea.)


The tower you see is the spillway to the lake… really neat, huh!  Yes, it really DOES look like a castle.

SOMEONE told the OTHER ONE that the sunscreen was in the back of the truck.  The OTHER ONE told SOMEONE that it was not needed because it was very cloudy.  An hour later when the clouds left, the OTHER ONE was wishing she had applied sunscreen.  The OTHER ONE’S legs are now COOKED.

Although the fish were not biting much, we did manage to catch a few small bass.  We released them for another day.  It was 100 degrees with a heat index of 105.  We did not care.  SOMEONE and the OTHER ONE just HAD to go play with the new toys. 

And then SOMEONE and the OTHER ONE played and enjoyed themselves greatly… especially the OTHER ONE, who now has her OWN boat and can go where she wants to on the lake!

We are planning another trip later in the week… umm THIS time, the OTHER ONE suggested to SOMEONE that we go very early in the morning, and quit when it gets miserably hot.  Sounds like a plan! 



  1. Great fun!

    Does the OTHER ONE also have paddles to use?

  2. Wow, I love the new toys! I am happy that SOMEONE and the OTHER ONE are BLESSED!
    BTW, how is the fig population at your house?

  3. cool. We watch swamp people too. Stan won't miss an episode. New nickname for me: Lizabeth!

  4. Love your new toys! The pedals and rudder are nice options. Hope you get lots of enjoyment out of them. Stay cool, looks like it's gonna get hotter his week, UGH!


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