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Monday, June 25, 2012



Yes, it is HUGE!  The variety of tomato is “beefsteak”.  DH has been babying this for several weeks.  It tried to grow through the wires on the tomato cage so he had to keep rearranging it.  The stats for this tomato:   over 6” across and it weighed 28 ounces!


I have very large hands, and this one filled it up.  DH picked it one day last week while it was still a little green because he was afraid a critter would get it before we could.  It has been sitting in the kitchen window sill with us just watching it get to the perfect state of ripeness… today it did.


This is what we got out of ONE tomato.  That is a regular size (10 inch) dinner plate.  I thought perhaps I would need to slice another small tomato to go with this one for our 3 BLT sandwiches.  I surely didn’t!  Almost half of the tomato was left after 3 of us had sandwiches and then just ate some more tomato off the plate.

Fresh tomatoes… YUMMO!  And there are more where this came from, although they are not quite as large as this one.



  1. Oh My! I am drooling. I then I told him where you live. LOL Poor man. We just got our plant set in the garden a few days ago. One day we hope to get summer around here.
    On my post today, I did change those blocks and now I'm ready to load it and quilt it.

  2. Wow, that is one HUGE tomato. It looks delicious.

  3. That is a fabulous tomato!!! It filled a whole dinner plate???
    NOthing like your own home grown !!!


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