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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Another Whopper; Practicing for Retreat


I know… you thought it was another veggie, didn’t you?  This walking stick was clinging to the wheel well of my car.  It was 9” long!  This is the largest one I have ever seen, so I just had to take it’s picture.


We are getting ready to go to Cold Spring, TX for our annual quilt retreat.  One of the SILs will not be able to go this time so we had a “practice” retreat at the lake so we could spend time together.  Above is Mary Anne’s mystery quilt.  Absolutely LOVELY!


Debbie finished her Flower Garden quilt.  BEAUTIFUL!  She loved doing this so much I think she has another one in the planning stages.


And I finished this simple jelly roll quilt.  It will go to a local charity once it is quilted and bound.  It was a quick and fun project.  I also got a LOT done on an old (10-years-ago?) UFO.  This Stack ‘N Whack quilt from ages ago will go to the same charity when finished.  It will be my #1 project at the REAL retreat. 

We are leaving early in the morning and I will try to give you some posts while there.  I KNOW there will be plenty of things to show, so I am hoping the internet access works well.

And on the sock front… I did finally finish my MAY socks!  Sorry, I just did not manage a picture yet.  I have reached the heel turn on the 1st sock for June.  Yes, I am running behind, but I will probably be able to catch up this fall when there is less busy-ness in my life.  If not, the world really won’t stop turning if I only crank out 11 pairs of socks this year instead of my goal of 12 pair… will it?

So, there is all the news from the home-front.  The next report will be from the Red Barn Retreat in Cold Spring, TX.  WOO-HOO!!!  It’s gonna’ be fun!



  1. That was a great idea to have a practice retreat. Very clever!
    Your projects are great.
    Have fun in TX. Hope you get lots of quilting time.

  2. You have the most interesting critters in your area!

    What a great assortment of quilts: I love them all.

    Have fun at your retreat and take lots of photos to share.

  3. Have a great quilt trip!!!!!


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