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Friday, July 13, 2012

Sucked In…



Today I was sucked into something I have been procrastinating on… making may haw jelly.  I have been putting this off for 6 years now.  I know this is so because the bags of frozen may haws are labeled “06”.

As Christmas is fast approaching each year DH always says , “We ought to cook up that may haw jelly and give it for gifts.”  Who has time for such activities when Christmas is just a few days away?  Does he not understand the craziness in a woman’s life when Christmas is moving upon you faster than you can get things ready?  Obviously, NOT!

Why am I doing this today?

1.  We are trying to make some space in the freezers.

2.  I should be quilting but we are having thunder storms so I can’t turn on the machine.

3.  Why not?  My day has already not gone the direction I thought it would, so why not just go WAAAYYYYY off the path I thought I would be following?

May haws are a tiny fruit that resemble crab apples, and they grow abundantly in river bottoms.  We used to live in Arkansas, very close to the Ouachita River.  The Felsenthal Wildlife Refuge was just one mile from our house, and the roads there are just lined with may haw trees.  In early May (thus the name “May haw”) the fruit gets ripe and smells wonderful.  Adventurous souls that don’t mind chasing away a few snakes and such can pick all the may haws they want.  That is how 4 bags of them came to reside in my freezer. 

I have been intending to cook them down since we moved to Louisiana in 2007 .  So here I am… sucked into making jelly today.  I’ve always heard you should not make jelly when it is raining.  I am hoping enough Sure-Jell and sugar will overcome that problem, because whether or not that is so, we ARE making jelly today!


So, I am off to the kitchen, back to cooking down berries.  So now you know… no quilt retreat pictures today for you, but the good news is they ARE now loaded onto my computer… that is good progress for me!

LATER!  I’m off to squeeze fruit!



  1. I'm loving that your orderly day has no order whatsoever. Welcome to my world!

    PS: I'm also loving all the rain and cloudy days. Your jelly WILL jell.

  2. I'm curious: have you ever just cooked the fruit down, seal and process the the raw juice in quart jars? I've done that when I didn't have time to make jelly, and it works great.


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