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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Retreat Report

Did you think I had forgotten?  Here you go… I can guarantee you “What happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas” is NOT the rule when one of the retreat attendees has a blog!

Sixteen of us ventured to Coldspring, TX to the Red Barn Retreat.    Our theme was, “Don’t worry, sew happy!”   This was carried out with a beach theme.  That will explain the flowers and leis.   Our “stretching” song was that reggae hit from the 80’s, “Don’t Worry… Be Happy!”  

Here in no certain order are:  103_0556

Paula.  It was her very first quilt retreat.103_0560103_0558

Jan, and Vicki.  It was also their first retreat.


Carolyn.  I assure you she was plotting some sort of evil… or pondering her next quilt.  I’m not sure which it was.

103_0559     103_0561

Barbara and JoAnn.  We have not seen much of these 2 ladies lately so it was great fun visiting with them at retreat.103_0562

Gloria.  The maker of some most unusual and fabulous quilts! You will see what I mean later.


Suzanne.  Don’t let her quietness fool you into thinking she is harmless.  She unleashed a psychedelic frog on us (for the “Rippit” award)!  You just did NOT want to get caught ripping after we found out the rippee must display the frog in their area until they could catch someone else ripping.


Judy and Jan…  can you tell they were having fun?


And last but not least, Debbie W. and Debbie G.  Can you say, “Double-Trouble”?  Unfortunately I am missing pictures of a few folks.


We soon discovered there was a great danger of getting your sewing area or bed “flocked”, along with a note explaining your infraction.


What type of infractions?  “Indecent exposure at the beach!”  (Sorry I did not get a picture to show you the crime.  Just know it involved one of the Debbies…. ‘nuff said!

Other offenses… being an “over-achiever” at your first retreat and finishing about 6 projects.

Sewing Christmas things in July.

Having the rippit frog the longest, and ENJOYING it.

And lots of other silly reasons to prank your friends.

Some of our projects finished were:


Debbie’ W’s first quilt, a t-shirt quilt for her daughter.  She also finished a challenge project for her quilt guild.  They were to decorate a burgundy-colored apron.  Her apron features animal print, potholder pockets, and it will be finished with a “fascinator” hat.


Carolyn’s beautiful pink 9-patch.


Vicki (Miss Over-Achiever) finished a pile of projects!


Paula finished a quilt made from recycled men’s shirts.


Gloria and her Louisiana Quilt… wonderful!


JoAnn and her cowboy baby quilt in the background.  I don’t remember who the flower garden quilt belonged to.



My finishes were a “vintage” Stack ‘N Whack quilt from about 10 years ago and a lap-size throw quilt made from recycled shirts and cheddar fabric.

It was loads of fun!  We all got “flowered”, “leied”, attacked by flying frogs, decked out in button rings and flower bracelets…

I just can’t report all of our silliness.  Maybe what happens in Vegas DOES stay in Vegas, IF I want it to!



  1. Oh my, how much fun did you all actually have!!! Love all the pictures and smiles. And the flamingos. Hilarious!

  2. Kathy, what a wonderful, fun, amazing time I had at retreat! It was great getting to know everyone a little better, and it was great being aroung all the talented quilters. Thank you so much for taking me under your wing, showing me all the ropes and especially the "eat my dust" adventure. Woo Hoo, what fun it was.

  3. Your retreat must have been a blast with such a fun group of ladies! Did you sleep with one eye open to keep the flamingos from flocking too near?

    Thanks for the fabulous photos.

  4. LOOKS LIKE FANTASTIC FUN and lots of laughs amid the productions .....

    lovely post.


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