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Friday, July 27, 2012

Let the “Knit-Lympics” Begin!

Hello, knitting fans!  This is my first time to post a link on Judy L.’s “On The Needles Friday” because well… I procrastinate.  So here I finally am!

Yes, I am way behind on my goal of 12 pair in 12 months… but I have a plan. 


I am almost done with my JUNE socks.   These were cast on 2-at-a-time, toe up.  I get so frustrated by the tangling, twisting, yarn balls.  I know, there are folks that love that approach, but it is just not me.  So I took the second sock off, am finishing the first one, then will complete the second.  This yarn knits up quickly.  It is a cotton blend so it is a little larger size yarn.  I am enjoying the pattern on the solid-color sock.  Perhaps I will try the 2-at-a-time thing again with another yarn that is not as twisty-clingy as this was… we shall see.

Now, for my plan:

I am “Going for the Gold” and having a “Knit-Lympics” at my house.  I love watching the summer Olympic Games, but can’t spend that many hours in front of the TV without feeling guilty for “wasting” time.  So… I plan to  knit and watch, and hopefully finish the red pair and at least one more pair for July.  Perhaps I’ll even get the socks for August cast on?


My candidates for the next ones are:

Lion Brand Sock Ease.  This will be my first time using this yarn.  I still need to get it wound so it will be ready to knit.

August socks will be Felici self-striping from KnitPicks.  I’m thinking I may do something a little different pattern-wise for this.  I have an idea that will be simple, but yet different.  We will see.

Of course, in the middle of all of this, my spinning supplies will arrive.  Hopefully I can sit and spin while watching the Olympics, also.  Of course, that will greatly slow down sock progress, I am sure.

So that’s the plan, and we will see how things unfold.  Do YOU have a plan for accomplishing more knitting?  If so, I would love to hear it.  Just leave a comment, and TIA.



  1. We each have our own comfortable style of knitting, don't we? I love your red socks! I was fondling that very same Felici stripe this morning! How odd is that? But picked something else instead to set aside for my August socks.
    I'm going to concentrate on my June and July socks during the Olympics and my Christmas gift hats will be worked on during my knitting hour each morning while I watch my morning show.
    Can't wait to see your spinning supplies!

  2. I knit two socks on two separate sets of needles because I can't stand the twisted yarn either.

    The yarn for the next two pair of socks is wonderful. Happy Knitting!

  3. Love the red socks. I just bought some of that sock ease the other day..the exact same one..I've only knit one sock so far..working on the second one now....hoping I don't forget what I learned in class so that I can actually have a pair..my stash of sock yarn is growing rather quickly.

  4. Oh my! Those red socks are so cute. I would love to wear these. Thanks for sharing.

  5. No plan..but i think I need one.

    I love your blue green sock yarn yet unwound.

    I love too that you will SPIN during the GAMES>.I will learn to spin someday....


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