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Thursday, August 2, 2012

I Was Wondering…

1.  I was wondering… how YOU are enjoying the Olympics.  Are you getting lots of knitting/handwork done while watching?  I have finished June’s socks and will cast on July’s socks tonight while watching.  The “Knit-Lympics” are going great for me!


2.  I was wondering… if I will be able to figure out exactly how to spin decent yarn.  My supplies came in last week, I have played with it, but figuring out exactly how much twist is necessary in a ply will be a trial and error thing since I do not know anyone who spins yarn.  I have found some tutorials on the KnitPicks web site, but I am still pondering how much twist I need.  I have made quite a bit of a single ply.  Now I need to figure out how to get it off the spindle (and keep it in a usable form where it does not twist in knots) until I can get a second ply made.  The 2 plies will be spun together to make the yarn.  It remains a puzzle, but it IS fun!


3.  I was wondering… when I will get around to making jelly from the muscadines my Honey picked this week.  I tried taking a picture of the vines hanging from the trees.  They are LOADED with fruit.  The low light and distance from the camera meant no really good pictures were to be had, but maybe you will get the idea from these pictures.


4.  I was wondering… how Jan is going to like her quilt.  I LOVE this wall quilt pattern and the quilting really stands out on the dark blue fabric.



5.  I was wondering… how much quilting/sewing I can get done tomorrow.  I am taking a “play-day” for myself tomorrow.  I’ve scurried around today working on cleaning things just so I can play guilt-free tomorrow.

6.  And last but not least… I was wondering…  how long I have been vacuuming WITHOUT the filter in the vac.  Once I found it in the broom closet on the shelf above the vac, I vaguely remember taking it out to wash it somewhere around Christmas.  Since it can not go back in the vac while wet, I remember setting it out on the screen porch in a sunbeam to dry.  And 2 days later when I remembered it, I set it on the shelf rather than putting it back in the cleaner, which would have taken all of 30 seconds.  So I have been vacuuming for MONTHS now without it.  I WONDERED why my vacuum cleaner was sounding different lately… now I know.

So, what are YOU wondering about today? 

Have a blessed week/weekend.  See you again soon!



  1. I've been wondering....how can my life be so dull and Kathy's so full of interesting things to wonder about!

  2. I agree with Marty that you have a full and interesting life. Your socks are fabulous, and I have no doubt that you will master spinning quickly.

    I am not a fan of the Summer Olympics, so I haven't watched much. I started a new knitting project with scrap sock yarn, and I am wondering if I will have enough scraps to complete it. I put the call out to the Fiber Guild and several members were delighted to be rid of their scraps.

  3. I'm sure you'll be able to get a lot of work done. All you need is time management and dedication. Don't you worry.

  4. I'm working on my June socks infront of the Olympics too - 3/4 done! My only problem is that they are lacy and I have to keep looking at them!


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