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Friday, August 17, 2012

I Hope…


(This picture has NOTHING to do with the blog post subject… I just wanted to give you something to look at this morning.  This is a thread painting, NO PIECING,  which won 2nd place at MQS in Overland Park, KS.  Size is 12” x 18”.  I no longer have it… there is a sad story there, which I can give you on another day.  You can click to enlarge.)

I hope I get lots of knitting done as we travel this weekend.

I hope we bowl well at the Grandma-Grandpa tournament in Natchez, MS.

I hope it does not rain the whole weekend, as the weather forecast predicts.  (If it does, my #1 hope will surely be accomplished.)

I hope I find MAKE the time to do some file clean-up on my PC, and do some work on future blog posts for both blogs.

I hope  know we will have a great time visiting with our friends who live in Natchez.

I hope YOU have a great weekend too!

See you next week!



  1. Here's "hoping" all your wishes come true. ;oD

  2. I'll just hope for more rain for us....while hoping the dam doesn't break over your head while you are out and about having a wonderful weekend.

  3. HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND...hope the weather beats the forecast!


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