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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Have Discovered…

These are things I discovered last week…

1.  Katie Bug is SOOO much fun to have around!  She spent a couple of days with us… our last fling before starting school.  So here is what we did…


Sewed a purse we cut out from a kit last year some time.  DONE!  I love the look of deep concentration on her face.103_0619

Cooked a little.  The lemon cake she helped make was absolutely scrumptious!


The floral fashion accessories were mine from quilt retreat.  I shared them with her… she really enjoyed dolling up.

2.  Wonky tree blocks


are a lot easier and more fun to make than wonky house blocks. 103_0620

I think I may be changing directions on this art quilt.  At first I was thinking “all houses”.  Then I decided, “just a few trees”.  Now I am leaning to more trees than houses.  We shall see what we end up with.  It is evolving as I work on it.

3.  Rednecks are very resourceful.  I’ll give you a sneak peek, and then I’ll do another post next week in praise of redneck ways.103_0603

Have a wonderful week, and be t-totally blessed!



  1. Great to read about your fun activities with Katie Bug. She will be making quilts in no time.

    Your trees look wonderful with your houses - can't wait to see what you come up with next.

  2. looks like she had fun too!!! lemons yum

  3. Super cute bag for a super cute young lady! What a fine time you both had.
    I showed DH your redneck photo...can't wait to find out if he is right about what's happening. :)


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