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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Knitting At the Speed Of Light

Yes, I am knitting as fast as my needles will fly.  I MUST finish the socks that have been on my needles for several weeks now.  “What is the hurry?” you might be wondering.

First, a disclaimer…. IT IS NOT MY FAULT!  (I love it when I have someone else to blame things on!)  I was merrily working on socks, minding my own business, when I ventured over to Nancy’s blog, Wyoming Breezes.  She is working on the neatest wrap! 

I have never been tempted to knit anything other than socks, so I was very surprised when this knitted wrap kept calling for me to make it.  It think it is the pockets that really drew me to this pattern.

It is NOT MY fault I now have that pattern purchased and in my hands.  It is NOT MY FAULT that I have a wonderful tweed yarn ordered from Knitpicks to make this wrap.  It will be here soon, and I know I will want to start on the wrap as soon as the yarn arrives, so I must HURRY!

I know… I’m still trying to do a little spinning with the drop spindle I recently purchased.  (And I am wondering what in the WORLD I was thinking when I ordered 400 grams of wool roving. Gee… that looks like it will be a life-time supply!)  I’m still trying to do 12 pair of socks in a year (working on pair #7).  I’m quilting like crazy on customer quilts.  And then there is the Farmer’s Wife quilt I am working on drafting paper piecing patterns for me and my friends.  And then….  You get the picture.

It’s NOT MY FAULT!  Nancy did it.  If she pipes in here and tries to deny it, do NOT listen to her.  It really is HER fault for showing such a wonderful pattern and tempting me beyond my resistance. 




  1. OMG, You are too funny! Poor, sweet Nancy! It is a pretty fabulous wrap and I was tempted and might still be now that YOU are making it too!!!!

    I will not go look at yarn, I won't! Really...

  2. Hey, I'll take some of the blame, but I'm pointing the finger at Cheryl, who got me hooked on the Reader's Wrap pattern. It is a fun knit. Enjoy!

    Knit Picks tweed yarn is yummy, but did you consider spinning your own yarn for the Reader's Wrap? ;oD

  3. wow Kathy, it's beautiful... but how are you going to fit that in to your days? Let me guess, you'll be burning lots of midnight oil! You are so ambitious, but I think that's one of the things I like best about you! :)


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