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Sunday, September 13, 2009

It Really IS Coming!

I know… it doesn’t FEEL like it, but it really IS coming soon!  What???  FALL!  It is about 80 degrees outside right now, with about 95% humidity due to a quick rain shower this afternoon… it FEELS like about 98 degrees out there.  So muggy, you could stir it with a spoon.  But… fall is coming!

How do I know?  Just look what was in my yard after the rain…100_1834

A beautiful mix of the first things to change colors really stood out among the grass and dead leaves.  So I KNOW, it really IS coming.


And our crape myrtle is showing the very last of its beautiful colored blooms, but look at its leaves.  They are almost as beautiful as the blooms!  Yep, they won’t be there much longer because… It really IS coming.

WHEN??  Not soon enough for me!  I (heart) fall weather!   I love it when I can open the windows and let the breezes blow through, when I do not need to run the AC at night to sleep comfortably, when a quilt on the bed feels good to snuggle under because the night-time temps reach the mid-50s.  I especially like fall when it is cool enough to enjoy being on the lake and fishing on up into the day without being miserably hot.  Yep… sweat-free fishing, my favorite kind.

I’ve not done enough fishing this year… but I am hoping to make up for lost time one day next week. I think I will just sneak away from the quilting machine and go, guilt free, and enjoy a day on the lake with DH.   I’m not really sure how guilt-free it will be because I am so backed up with quilting, but I MUST get some time on the lake/river!

I know… I’m dreaming.  But it really IS coming.  I know that in North LA we really won’t have fall temps consistently until about the end of Oct. or early Nov.     Please hurry, cooler weather!

Changing subjects here…  


If you live in the Natchitoches, LA area you really MUST go see my friend Suzie Parker’s quilt exhibit at the Art Guild Gallery on Front Street!  She is their featured artist for Sept./Oct. and has about 25 art quilts on display.  I guarantee you will enjoy your visit!!  It is located at the corner of Front Street by the “Big” bridge, just to the left of the corner Coffee House.  They are open from 10 AM – 5 PM every day.  (However, they will be closed the entire week of Oct. 4th to replace the flooring, so don’t go then!!)



  1. We don't experience the four seasons but last weekend, it dawned on me: its coming to mid-September. Where did August, July, June, etc gone to?

  2. I'm with you. I'm ready for some cooler weather. Southern California has fall hit somewhere after Halloween.


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