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Sunday, September 20, 2009

My New Most-Favorite Blog

Well, at least for the MOMENT it is.  But what is NOT to like about Pioneer Woman’s blog?

1.  She has GREAT recipes… To quote a Food Network star,  “YUM-MO!”

2.  She has GREAT give-aways!  WONDERFUL stuff, and she can find the most interesting ways to do her contests!

3.  Did I mention she has GREAT recipes?  Seriously, I made her Cinnamon Roll recipe this afternoon…  YUM-MO!  Next time I think I will leave off the icing because they are plenty sweet without it (I think I will be on this sugar high until about this time tomorrow).

4.  Her life is pretty doggone interesting, and she takes a gazillion photos to prove it.  No shortage of pics on her posts.

5.  Her sense of humor is, well, FUNNY!  All the time funny, and we all could use a good laugh now and then.

6.  And the recipes (and PICTURE tutorials of her making the recipes) are just divine!  Gee, I seem to be repeating myself about her food… must be the sugar-high talking.

So take a tour of her site.  I KNOW you will find something you like!



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