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Thursday, September 3, 2009

WHY Did I Buy THAT Fabric?

I must admit, that is exactly what I thought when I got this piece of fabric home. The colors caught my eye, I wanted something bright and cheerful to try out a pattern we call 4-Patch Posey. It is similar to a "Stack 'N Whack" except you only need four layers of identical fabric, and they are cut into squares rather than diamonds and triangles. But I digress....

Truthfully, the fact that this Michael Miller "Full Bloom" fabric was at a GREAT sale price at the quilt shop was a big determining factor. And the fact that I was "trying" this pattern was another. But still, when I got it home I asked that question. It just was not my colors, and to say the fabric is busy and bright is an understatement!

But about 3 days later I found out why I bought that fabric. I found out about a sweet lady diagnosed with cancer. My first thoughts were to make her a comfort quilt. But what colors to use? As I dug through my fabric stash I pulled out several pieces that could be used (but not this floral fabric). Then, after talking to my sister about color choices here is what I found out... she likes BRIGHTS... orange, purples, blues, greens, anything bright.

WOW! So you see, this fabric was for her, even though I did not even know she would be needing it or what she would like at the time the purchase was made. Now THAT my friends is being led by the Holy Spirit, and not even realizing it at the time!!

So the quilt is made, the binding is being hand-sewn now, and soon I will pass this quilt on to a lady with a huge battle ahead of her. And yes, you do need sunglasses to view this, but I think she will love it. Along with the quilt will go a matching pillowcase (which may be used to hold the quilt if she wants to carry it with her to snuggle in while undergoing treatments), and a copy of the Dottie Osteen book, Healed of Cancer.

(Back of quilt... hand dyed fabric made in a class
taught by Jamie Wallen
Quilting pattern, "Primrose Swirl" by Dave Hudson)

Do YOU have something in YOUR stash that you are wondering why you bought it? Maybe it wasn't for YOU, but to BLESS someone else with!!



  1. That pattern has amazed me 3 times so far. I cringed at every fabric you and mom picked out to try and all 3 have produced stunning results!

  2. When I first started to read this post, I thought you bought this fabric because it is gorgeous! I truly love it. Then I saw your 4 patch posey block and loved it more. Now I have leaky eyes.......what a beautiful story. Kathy, YOU are a very special person.

  3. I'm not replying to your question but did you know that breast cancer (but you did not specify) is pink. My reason for the comment - am also making a comfort quilt for a friend which is suppose to be pink but only using from my stash which is colorful but not as bright as yours. I think these people need bright colors to cheer them on their long battle.

  4. Kathy,
    I hope this works with my crazy comptuer (and this is the second time I've typed it, so it will probably appear a couple of times). . .
    She'll love it!!!! She had the stint done this week and they've set the surgery to remove the kidney for Thursday. Thanks so much!
    Love to All,

  5. That fabric made a beautiful quilt top!!! What a great comfort it will be to your friend. You are such a good friend!

  6. Kathy,
    I am so honored that you thought of my mom when you created this beautiful quilt so full of love. The world is a better place because of Christians like you who think of others more than yourself. My mom is having a very rought time after having her kidney removed but this will inspire her. She still has a long way to go- but keep praying that God's will be done in her life and that healing may take place. She is still in ICU and will have radiation and chemo following this. You have a great talent in quilting and I think Kristy told me that you are a retired teacher too. Teaching takes much love and wisdom too.
    Thanks again for making this comfort quilt for my mom.
    Sandra Heard


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