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Friday, April 30, 2010

Colonial Ladies Quilt; Charity Quilt

How easily the promise of posting pictures in “2 or 3 days” has turned into over one week! Much has been going on and I will have more frequent posts in order to get all this info out to you.

Here is the Colonial Ladies Quilt. It is about 56” x 56”.

Colonial Ladies Quilt 001

The 9 blocks were made between 1954-59 by the Great-Grandmother and Great-Great-Grandmother of the customer’s wife. Some of the blocks were not embroidered but we decided to leave them that way.

Colonial Ladies Quilt 003

I found the PERFECT pink fabric for sashing material. It almost exactly matches the fabric in one of the blocks

Colonial Ladies Quilt 004

The custom quilting features feather swirls in the sashing and feather vines in the outer borders. A feather vine meander was used for background fill in each block. The ladies were outline stitched with very little stitching within them… just enough to hold them down on the larger pieces.

Colonial Ladies Quilt 006

Colonial Ladies Quilt 010

Did I mention that this is a Mother’s Day surprise for her? Her husband sneaked them out of the house and brought them to me to complete the quilt. I bet he REALLY earns brownie points for this one!!


Nancy at Wyoming Breezes sent this charity quilt top to me. (She does LOTS of knitting, too. If you are interested in knitting you REALLY need to check out her blog!) Her instructions were…. quilt it and find it a home. It was made with the “crumbs” from Nancy’s scrap bag, and I quilted it using the Floral Meander panto. The quilt measures about 55 x 65”.

100_2568 100_2569

Today it was delivered to Taylor House, the local shelter for abused women and children. This is Dee Dee. She works at the shelter and was kind enough to give me a tour of the facility.


I don’t know exactly what I was expecting, but I was pleasantly surprised by the warm, welcoming environment of this shelter. Everything was very neat and clean, with lots of thought given to the needs of the women and children that would use the facility. They are allowed to stay there for a max of 45 days while they work toward obtaining other housing.

FUTURE CHARITY PROJECTS: Making small quilts to be given to the children that will stay at the facility. Can you imagine being a child that had to leave your home and move into a shelter? Even though leaving very bad circumstances, leaving the place you have called home must be very traumatic for them! I plan on making small quilts to be given to the children (security quilts) so that they will have something of their own to enjoy while they are at the shelter, and then take with them when they relocate.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO JOIN WITH ME? My suggestions are: simple patterns, large pieces. Use quality fabrics that can hold up to lots of washing. These are good scrap bag projects. I plan on machine-stitching the bindings down… much quicker and more sturdy. If you are interested in helping and need more information just let me know. It’s a small thing, that will mean a lot to a hurting child.

So, have I made up for my absence from Blogville by talking your ears off today? Be blessed today in all you set your hands to do.

I’ll check in with you again in just a couple of days with another post… I promise… I really will.. yep, I’m going to go ahead and write it and have it scheduled.. REALLY!!


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  1. Thank you for quilting my scrap quilt and helping it find a good home.


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