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Monday, April 19, 2010

What’s Going On?

I just have a MOMENT to give you a quick update on things friends and family have been asking about…

1.  NO, we have not caught the varmint that was eating my plants, but the garden plants are now all safe and sound (HAHA!) in the ground.  Now we just have to worry about deer, rabbits, and wild hogs eating them.

2.  YES, I had a GREAT time at quilt retreat in Bastrop, and I will post pictures of my finishes tomorrow… I just don’t have time today.

3.  The Colonial Lady quilt is almost done.  I have not mentioned this on the blog, but just WAIT until you see it and hear the story behind it.  One very special lady is going to be EXTREMELY surprised on Mother’s Day when she receives this from her husband!  I will give all the details later this week.

4.  Quilts are POURING in, so my blogging will be somewhat limited (HAHA!  What excuse have I BEEN using for the last couple of months when I have really been a blog-slacker?) as I try to catch up and then go on a mini-vacation to South Louisiana.

Must run… a quilt is waiting and a customer is soon going to be dropping by to deliver some quilts.

Have a WONDERFULLY blessed day!!



  1. I had never seen a wild hog until we moved here... There was one rooting around down by the pond last fall. I thought it was a black dog, and John says, "that's not a dog, that is a wild hog"! What wonders there are in the country!
    Hope they stay out of your garden.
    Can't wait to see the pic's of the special Mother's Day quilt.

  2. Apparently, where we are moving to we will have to worry about javelinas. The southwest version of wild hogs. Should make gardening interesting.


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